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sks and a scope

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Has anyone tried using the scope and mount combo's i see out there for the sks? Are they worth the the money they want for them? I have seen them advertised for around $40. Was thinking of picking one up just for the hell of it. Any info is appreciated thanks.
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SKS Scope mount

I did not get the hind site probly should have.
I got the high-rize mount, shell deflector and put a 3x9x40mm Tasco on it at first. The 3x9 was a little too close to the eyes ... as in scope meeting shooting glasses each shot. I went to a 4x Tasco (I r cheep and Wal-marts been selling the Tascos for 20-30$)and a recoild pad to get 1 extra inch. I took it out Saturday and it worked great. Longest distance was 100yrd and it kept within 4". With the Tasco scopes I can not use Striper clips and even with the shell deflector I notice the scope getting dinged up from brass.
1 big word of advise LOC-Tight!!!!! after 2 shooting sessions the whole thing came lose.....lock-tight seems to hold it togher.

Think the pic are on my old computer...will have too look. Hope this helps.

Found 1 old pic...from the first day at the range....this is the 3x9 scope
I have the B-square with the Simmons 4X shorty scope. Its a combination that cant be beat. You can use strippers and there are no dings from the ejected casings. I cant see using a longer scope that gets in the way of the guns action. The only drawback is that the scope needs to come off to disassemble and clean the rifle. I've only done that once and I didnt have to readjust anything. It was zeroed in perfectly. I've said it before on this forum....that scope on the SKS makes me a darn good shot. Its the most accurate rifle in my arsenal but it wasnt that way until it was scoped.
I've got that Leapers scope mount with the Leapers 6x32 scope...the mount is ok(lots to fiddle with, to get it to retain zero), but the scope is not that good. I've had to glue the ocular lens in place twice, the objective lens once. THEY KEEP COMING OFF!

I'm going to swap it with a Simmons 4x32...maybe the quality is better. About the mount, be sure to use Loctite Blue on all screws so it will all hold together.

Having done all that and more, I'm thinking of drilling two holes and installing a siderail mount like the one for sale at:


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I'm going to try to post that siderail mount and pic, courtesy of


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Is there any difference between the sks and the skk in quality or accuracy, my old man had an skk and it wouldn't keep a consistent qroup after about 4 rounds, it was bought new and only started doing this after probably 2 or 300 rounds.
I got a high rise mount on mine that replaced the receiver cover.

I'm sorry I don't know the fact, it's not even on the replacement.

There was absolutely NO milling....fitting.

I have an UltraLux 4X25 scope on it and I betcha I can hit a small coffee can at 100 yards each time.....everytime. That's all I need, lol. Will know later.

"It takes a licking and keeps on clicking."
red dot

got a chinese scope mount/receiver cover..had to custom file the front points off i got a nice tight fight..mounted a 1 inch simmons red dot from CDNN...getting 1 1/2 groups at 100meters benchrest...with wolf

You might want to read my thread...I scoped mine today...the combo works great.

I could hit that ol' coffee can now, lol.
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