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SKS Scope mount

I did not get the hind site probly should have.
I got the high-rize mount, shell deflector and put a 3x9x40mm Tasco on it at first. The 3x9 was a little too close to the eyes ... as in scope meeting shooting glasses each shot. I went to a 4x Tasco (I r cheep and Wal-marts been selling the Tascos for 20-30$)and a recoild pad to get 1 extra inch. I took it out Saturday and it worked great. Longest distance was 100yrd and it kept within 4". With the Tasco scopes I can not use Striper clips and even with the shell deflector I notice the scope getting dinged up from brass.
1 big word of advise LOC-Tight!!!!! after 2 shooting sessions the whole thing came lose.....lock-tight seems to hold it togher.

Think the pic are on my old computer...will have too look. Hope this helps.

Found 1 old pic...from the first day at the range....this is the 3x9 scope
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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