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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jmp8927, May 4, 2008.

  1. jmp8927

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    I want to buy an SKS bolt to modify so I can switch out mags with the bolt forward. I looked on Gunbroker and found a good deal(which I will probably end up missing due to funds) on a Yugo bolt and bolt carrier. I don't much care about the carrier so long as the bolt will work in my Norinco. So, basically I'm just wanting to be extra careful and make sure the yugo bolt will work in my Norinco before I order. Am I correct in thinking it will be fine?
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    It is my opinion that there is not that degee of interchangability between the countries. Especially with the bolts. Maybe on the trigger housings with a little tweaking, but I don't think Chinese-Yugo bolts will safely swap.
    I have several SKS's but never considered the parts to be interchangable with the different countries.

  3. marion57

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    You may be able to but it doesnt take much for it to be off enough to cause you real problems ..I would not do it
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    I think Marion is correct, and you should stick with a 1for1 swap.

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    The Chinese bolt is made much different than the Yugo. The Chinese bolt uses a smaller firing pin retaining pin than the Yugo. Even then you have to worry about the parts that have been machined like the reciever, bolt carrier and such. Even Yugo to Yugo can be a problem matching bolts unless you have the machining ability. Just stuff I learned.
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    check out this diagram at numirich they have your bolt
    SKS*&[email protected]#%|*&[email protected]#%TYPE 56*&[email protected]#%|*&[email protected]
    By the way the yugo wont fit your norinco ...
  7. jmp8927

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    Thanks for that link Marion! That's exactly what I need!
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    I was hoping it would help