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How do you rate the SKS in combat?

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SKS in Combat

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Ok guys,
I've always wanted to know more about the SKS's performance and history in combat. I'd like anyone who has firsthand experience, reliable testimony, or historical data from credible research concerning the SKS's performance in combat. Please be specific, since this will enhance the thread's contents and serve as a really good reference for those who may own and respect the SKS, but know little of its combat origins.
What I need in each post are:

1)How you obtained this knowledge

2)How reliable was the SKS (loading,feeding)

3)How did the SKS compare against other rifles

4)How did the user load/execute in combat for speed

5)How was accuracy and penetration

6)Did the SKS perform in averse conditions

7)On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the SKS
(rate in Poll)

8)Be sure to include all specifics possible

This should make an interesting thread...

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As far as mag capacity is concerned, remember, it was designed in WWII, when the Garand's semi-auto action and 8 round clip made it the supreme weapon. It was designed to compete in a WWII type of battle, not WWIII.
Also, as far as asking who's used the SKS in combat... I think most of them would be on the other side.
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The Short Lived Semi

Semi-autos had barely had their glory by the time select fire came in force. The M1 Garand is probably the most respected semi auto of all time, with the SKS in second. The M1 just came soon enough to be known as the main US weapon of WWII. The SKS came too late in the war to be as well known. Then everyone switched to select fire and the SKS got passed on to the poor guys. I think the SKS would definitely stand out in a battle with bolt action rifles and submachineguns, like the M1 Garand did, though the Garand was just plain more powerful and accurate, and suited to the guys who used it.
My SKS sits right next to my M1 in the rack. Kind of like a little brother. Though the SKS was mainly used against us by the Viet Cong, I try to see it more as a Nazi crusher, which it was designed for. I think of my Norinco paratrooper as a trophy of the Cold War.
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Gyrene, I agree with you 100%, especially about the AP .30-06. I plan to do a demonstration some time of "Why everyone needs a full powered rifle", where I'll stick a target on the other side of a tree, shoot with my SKS, shoot with a .223, then blast through with my HK-91 and M1 Garand.
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Are you my long lost brother?
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I set up an antiquated hard drive and shot it with a variety of weapons. My friend took a shot with his .30-06, and it looked like it had been drilled.
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I think the lower reciprocating mass and heavier receiver make the SKS action much smoother than an AK. Being designed as semi-auto only from the start has a few advantages (and disadvantages). The fixed mag really does grow on you, and in a sharpshooting scenario, I could see it as useful as a banana mag.

In a SHTF scenario, it would go to family members or other non-front-line people, more of a designated marksman role.
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