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How do you rate the SKS in combat?

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SKS in Combat

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Ok guys,
I've always wanted to know more about the SKS's performance and history in combat. I'd like anyone who has firsthand experience, reliable testimony, or historical data from credible research concerning the SKS's performance in combat. Please be specific, since this will enhance the thread's contents and serve as a really good reference for those who may own and respect the SKS, but know little of its combat origins.
What I need in each post are:

1)How you obtained this knowledge

2)How reliable was the SKS (loading,feeding)

3)How did the SKS compare against other rifles

4)How did the user load/execute in combat for speed

5)How was accuracy and penetration

6)Did the SKS perform in averse conditions

7)On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the SKS
(rate in Poll)

8)Be sure to include all specifics possible

This should make an interesting thread...

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My understanding is that the 7.62X39 round was the product of Russian experience during WWII with the Germans resulting in a revision of combat philosophy from aimed long-distance fire to short distance suppressive fire. Basic premise being that most combat is at less than 300 yards and that the average infrantryman can't shoot worth a **** in the heat of combat anyway. Same general philosophy led to our development of the M-16. This was continuation of revision of combat philosophy that began during WWI (note that Springfields have a cutoff so that you can fire them single-shot and keep the magazine in reserve).

As far as its worth in battle goes, seems to me that the Commies held us to stalemate in Korea and whipped us in Vietnam, and the SKS was a common weapon in both.

That said, myself I'd prefer a full-power .30 weapon like a FAL or M-14 for myself. But I'd arm the peasants with intermediate-power weapons.
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