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How do you rate the SKS in combat?

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SKS in Combat

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Ok guys,
I've always wanted to know more about the SKS's performance and history in combat. I'd like anyone who has firsthand experience, reliable testimony, or historical data from credible research concerning the SKS's performance in combat. Please be specific, since this will enhance the thread's contents and serve as a really good reference for those who may own and respect the SKS, but know little of its combat origins.
What I need in each post are:

1)How you obtained this knowledge

2)How reliable was the SKS (loading,feeding)

3)How did the SKS compare against other rifles

4)How did the user load/execute in combat for speed

5)How was accuracy and penetration

6)Did the SKS perform in averse conditions

7)On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the SKS
(rate in Poll)

8)Be sure to include all specifics possible

This should make an interesting thread...

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I rated the SKS a 7 due to the design and ease of manufactuing. The weapon is accurate, durable and efficient. The drawbacks are: fixed magazine, short sight radius(even if it's still a killer), lack of sufficient power at extremly long range, mushy trigger, and etc. I know stripper clips increases the reloading speed, but it's hard to duplicate removable magazines. The sight radius and ammunition while effective at short ranges they lack in extremes. However, it's inception came from the German influence toward the end of WWII, where house to house fighting proved a full size infantry weapon to large. Of course, it adapted well to the jungles of Vietnam. I know most of my comments duplicate the previous ones, but I only re-inforce their thoughts. My last time in Vietnam, 1969, I had an opportunity to bring back an SKS, but after a gigantic paperwork hassle I left it.

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1 - 1 of 210 Posts
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