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A while back I talked to a friend of mine, who works in a gun store, about this very same issue...... the recent price escalation.

He was telling me that GOOD SKS's are getting hard to fine so, along with that goes the supply and demand theory...prices go up and if you want it bad the price!

He was also telling me that when the SKS's first came out distributors were literally begging shops to market them. Now, he says, he has to call distributors and seldom does he find anything.

It's hard for me to understand that, with all the SKS type rifles made that they have all been gobbled up. Could be or could be someone...or a few someones......hoarding them to push up prices and then they'll let a few at a time out and demand premium prices.

He told me to watch for the price of 7.62 X 39 ammo going sky high too. We'll see on that one...seems like plenty of manufacturers of that ammo are out there to create a good competition.

As a sidenote...he said come first of September all back ground checks in Arizona are going through the FBI....interesting. Are all states going to that I wonder?
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