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I agree with post stating general rule of always working on the cheapest part when fussing with a weapon.

And do agree with post suggesting simply sticking with the stock 10-round mag. I've found aftermarket detachable mags to be both esthetically displeasing and prone to mechanical problems. If you insist on a hi-cap mag, you may want to try one of the 20-round fixed Chinese mags, although they usually require some fitting and fussing to get them to work reliably.

Which brings us back to working on the cheapest part: Dremeling a feed ramp into the chamber of an SKS so that a duckbill mag will work seems like silly sacrilege.

But don't agree about lubricating mags. I'd been given to understand that mags should be routinely cleaned, wiped down with an oily rag just enough to prevent rust, but never actually lubed. And that ammo should not be lubed.

Reason being that lube will attract and hold dirt and grit. Grit and lubricant is a bad combination, producing lots of wear: Valve grinding compound is essentially lube and grit. Early Mauser semiauto rifles required lubed ammo, and that requirement was one of the reasons why they weren't successful.
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