SKS Vietnam War Bringback

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  1. Jesse

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    Here is an SKS Type 45 Vietnam War bring back being fired at the range... with a bit of history of how it was acquired and how the Type 56 changes were made by the Chinese.
  2. Ron Eagle Elk

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    I brought 3 of those back with me. On leave after getting home I ran out of money and took one of the rifles down to the LGS to sell. He gave me $50 for it. That didn't last long on leave, so I took another one to the LGS. This one had a bullet hole through the stock and blood stains from the previous owner. I got $300 for that one. I took the 3d one out, shot a hole in the stock and put chicken blood on it. When I got short of money again, I got $300 for that one too,
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    Very enterprising of you Ron! LOL
  4. gsbuickman

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    Gee, I just seen this same thread on The High Road forum :p ...

    On another note, in today's market a genuine Vietnamese or East German SKS will bring the better part of $5k..
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  5. rando

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    There is one on another site now asking about $1300 for it
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  6. Ron Eagle Elk

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    I do wish I'd made better decisions while on leave. I'd have a whole lot more money today. In my defense though, I was dating a cute, long haired, brunette, with deep brown eyes, a California beach tan, and she ...I'll just keep it family friendly. We went to a lot of drive-in movies.
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