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    This may be a dumb question but what is the difference between the SKS and the AK 47? I always thought they were different names for the same gun. Which is better as far as accuracy and quality of manufacture? I have always heard that the Russian AK's are the best. They shoot the same cartridge, right?
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    The SKS and AK 47 are totally different guns. Real AK-47s are assault rifles, with detachable 30 round box magazines, and pistol grips. The SKS is a semiautomatic cabine with a fixed 10 round magazine and a conventional stock. The action is also different; the AK uses rotary bolt and the SKS has a tilting bolt.
    Not part is interchangeable. Both guns use the same ammo, 7.62x39. When people in this forum talk about AK-47s, they really mean semiautomatic versions of the AKM rifle, which is the improved AK-47.

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    Here's how some people can get confused:
    1.) There are plenty of US aftermarket parts for the SKS. These include detachable magazines with the same curve as the AKs, but with a "duckbill" on the front. There's another kind without the duckbill that requires an insertable adapter.
    2.) There are less common models of the SKS that have been modified to feed from AK magazines. These are known as the Model 84 (pre-ban, with bayonet) and the SKS-D (with 16" barrel and standard or thumbhole stock.)
    3.) There are aftermarket stocks for each made by the same companies which make the two harder to distinguish.

    As far as which is better... It's a tradeoff.
    I personally prefer the feel of the SKS's action when firing. The AK is a little harder to control. Harder to site up, harder to stay on target (then again, I don't own one, so I haven't had tons of experience.)
    Basic tradeoffs are that the SKS is designed for a 10 round mag, whether or not you put a larger one in. That means it wasn't meant for the sustained rapid fire that the AK is. SKS is more accurate. The aftermarket hi-cap SKS mags are harder to insert than the AKs, and cost a bit more. Though if I had a standard SKS, I'd use a fixed mag with stripper clips (I have the D model.)
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    The SKS uses a two-piston recoil system. This helps tame the recoil down some. The AK uses a long-stroke piston that is inherently less accurate because of the long travel of the piston on recoil. I have a couple of AK's and a few SKS's, and would hate to choose between them. For hunting, I'd pick the SKS. But, for spray-and-pray fun, I'd definitely go with the AK. I have used an AK to thwart off some local misguided youth, and it was simply a matter of them seeing the rifle with a 75-round drum hanging underneath to steer them clear of my house. Whatever you choose, you won't go wrong.

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    I think an SKS is a better gun to start with. Less expensive, easier to learn how to use, easier to control. Usually more accurate.
    But if you want to fire mag after mag as fast as you can, go for the AK, as too much rapid use will wear out an SKS. If you must use detachable mags, get an AK, as you can easily get into legal hassles with the SKS. If you were an engineer and an expert with the rifle, you might be able to get around it, but you'd have to learn what you're dealing with first. Nice thing about the SKS is that there's so much you can do with it.

    Of course, you can get the best of both worlds if you're willing to pay as much as the two combined. The rifle's a VEPR II, and it's a beauty, though it's very barrel heavy. I used to want one, but am happy with my SKS-D that can use AK mags. I just don't empty mag after mag rapid fire.
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    I own and use both a Russian SKS and a couple of aK's,and while the SKS is a good rifle,the 30 round mags of the aK make it the rifle I keep loaded and at-hand for serious business. If the SKS were my only rifle,I would still feel well armed however,as long as I have plenty of stripper clips(which I do).You can't go wrong with either weapon.:nod:
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    My favorite pawn shop has a "sporterized" SKS for $200. It's in good shape with a fiberglass stock, and a 30 round removable mag. What do you think? Is it worth $200? I'm kind of excited over it! Thanks for the info.

    Dave :feedback:
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    If i remeber correctly the sks is a differnt acton than the ak. i think the ak is more reliable but then again...only sks i had was a chinese one which when it got hot would spit out 3 rounds on a single trigger pull or fire off the round when the slide closed :/
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    I don't know. I have a Saiga, which I guess you could call an AK-47, except for the fact it shoots .223 instead of 7.52X38. And I'm waiting for delivery on an SKS,
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    Niko911 sounds like you Chinese had some old cosmoline built up in the firing pin channel causing the firing pin to stick forward when it got hot,were you using American commercial or Russian ammo when that happened.
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    Might have something to do with it being over 6 years old.
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    SKS vs AK-47

    I have always wanted an AK-47 but I have an offer onan SKS.

    $250 for a Romanian SKS with (4) 30 rnd magazines in 7.62 x 39
    2 slings, cleaning kit, all matching no's, and 200 rounds of ammo for $250.

    Is this a reasonable deal and what should I look for? Any more thoughts on the comparison with AK-47?

    The enemy is at the gates!!!
  14. Hi DHBVino welcom to g&g what does the bore look like on it does it have the factory box mag because 30 round mags are not allways the best is it in its original stock. 200 rounds is worth about 40-50 bucks so thats seems like a good deal if it is nice I don't know much about rominians sks
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    +1 on the ammo and I dont own a romanian but two norincos and a yugo O have read range reports on all and the romainian is on the bottom of the list for accuracy.. apearance and reliability is a dead heat. 250 isnt a bad deal tho
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    SKS's are more accurate and more well made then your common AK47. They are completely different weapons though as stated.
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