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    Who all here has done it? I just got back from my first time, a 14000ft tandem jump with 8000ft free fall and then a 6000ft parachute decent. It was the most incredible rush I've ever had, besides the first time I ever fired a gun, which was a 9mm Glock 17. I think falling at 90mph 14000 feet in the air might just top it though. What a rush. I could see about 130 miles to the pacific ocean!

    Any neat stories?
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    I REFUSE to jump out of a perfectly good Airplane !!! LOL

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    I think I made around 46 jumps, 1980-1984 or so. All sport jumps, no military. Broke a leg and frigged up my back pretty good, but still the most fun I've ever had. Best jump was the one where we opened up at 10,500 feet, and just flew around for awhile. Intentional water landing in a lake was cool too. Good times, seems like 100 years ago.....
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    Military and non-military, too old to enjoy it now days. A younger persons sport if I remember correctly.
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    I went thru aircrew training at North Island, Ca., but never had to jump. We did waterlanding out in the bay, off a tower mounted on the back of an old patrol boat. Then we got picked up by a CH-34, I think it was. The old twin rotor Navy chopper was the same used for search and rescue. That was a trip! But no, our planes never broke, and I always felt like Rich, no jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft!
  6. In 2003 I did a tandem jump from 10,000 feet. It was something I always wanted to do. A bunch from work went as a group, I figured if I went with the group I would not chicken out.

    It was intensely exciting and an experience I'll never forget. I remember leaning out of the open door of the plane, looking down and thinking "this is scary." Then I remembered that the whole idea was to fall out of the airplane, so what the H. Out we went. It was great.

    I did it for the experience, it did not become an addiction. Having done that I now would rather put the cost of it (160 bucks) into guns & ammo.
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    The only way I would jump out of a plane is if I had a gun to my head.:bigeyes::no1:
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    my grandfather was a paratrooper in hte war. and last year for his 85th birth day he went skydiveing! they made him be strapped to a "pro" becouse of his age and he was PISSED about it!
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    Honestly folks, it's THE coolest thing you'll ever do, and you won't regret it! We had a guy go with us one weekend that had never even been up close to an airplane. For his first ride, he jumped out of it! Now THAT took some stones.

    If you have any sort of adventurous spirit, you should consider it at least once.
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    Made about 20 jumps for my Uncle Sam 36 years ago. I actually am thinking about doing it again this August with the Mrs. She would do a tandem jump at 10,000 feet and I a static line jump at 3,500 feet. I'm wondering if these old bones can take it.
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    I jumped twice, no training, useing the old round 28' orange and white pilot escape chute, opened at 10,000 feet and enjoyed the ride. No way I would jump in tamden with someone.
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    terrified of heights.... tree stands r as high as il go
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    Cleo, Its about a 20min training process. No joke. All you have to learn is the arch (the position you freefall in) and how to land. The rest will be taken care of by an instructor with over 2000 jumps. It costed me 180 for the jump, and another 90 for a video. It was worth the 90 because the videographer jumped with us and caught my entire freefall, as well as the landing.

    I encourage anyone to try it.