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Discussion in 'SKS' started by SwedeSteve, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. gandog56

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    Trying to figure out how he got his arm in FRONT of the barrel while the mag emptied. Can't picture it.
  2. SwedeSteve

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    Probably freaked out and lost control of it.

  3. mike j

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    on the note of SKS variants mine is a Soviet gun from Tula arsenal, all # match, $95 in 1993 packed in grease, have never had it miss behave, one pull of triger one shot still till this day.
  4. DanS

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    what are you reloading ? I loaded some of the surplus ammo for a while, till I had some primers work loose causing it to full auto fire. Now I only reload American brass.
  5. DanS

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    That's kind of nuts. Have a chinese & yugo SKS, never had a problem with either of them.
  6. Dialed1n

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    I have a Tula 1954r, got it back in 94-95 or would slam fire like the devil till i cleaned it extremely well, and its never done it since..
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  7. sdrake8404

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    Clean your bolt, especially around the firing pin. Most are caused by the firing pin not returning to the rear position. If need be a few places sell spring kits for the firing pin so it'll return automatically. You can also take the bolt apart and clean the pin entirely.

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  8. I have a 1950 Russian Tula has the spring loaded firing pin (or at least it does as far as I can tell)

    Ive shot several hundred rounds thru it....and last time I shot it I got a double-tap once....I shot another 40-50 rounds thru it afterwards and it never did it again.

    I took it apart and cleaned it....but I havent disassembled the bolt yet.

    I thought the older Russian models with firing pin spring didnt suffer from slam-fires???

    I will see if it happens again. I shoot mixed ammo....couple kinds of Wolf, Hot Shot, Tulammo, Golden Bear, and a few others I cant think I have no idea which ammo double-tapped.

    All my ammo is milsurp style, foreign made and steel cased...I dont know about their primers. I do have a few Winchester brass rounds but Ive never fired any of them.
  9. M14man

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    A "double tap" does not necessarily mean it was caused by the firing pin. There can be many reasons for a 'doubling'.