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slide cap hitting sear on assembly?

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I have a Taurus G3c, i believe the lower part of the slide cap that goes right over the sear is just a tiny bit longer than the cap on my other G3c. Because it hits the sear when I try to assemble the slide back on after cleaning. I push down on the sear and it comes back and goes on just fine. I just got the gun new and have put just below 100 rounds and they were flawless. When compared to my other G3c, the cap part does look like it is slightly longer. It is sloped on one side to go over the sear on dissasembly without hangup and mine does just fine. However it sticks down just enough to hit the lip on the sear when I assemble it. It is hard to eyeball it but you can tell a difference looking at the back of the slide when installed. My other G3c has more space under the cap than my new one in that one area, it's the part of the cap that sticks down in the back. should I file it down?, or leave it be? I won't send it in as it runs great and accurate with just this flaw. Thanks
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I called Taurus, they want the gun back but I ain't sending it in. I wanted to try another slide cap but they said they had to install it as it was restricted part. Gun shoots great so I ain't gonna let them fix the cap and maybe mess something else up. So I will live with just pressing down on the sear when I clean it. Thanks
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here are the parts that hit each other.


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