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Slides problems.

Discussion in 'Mossberg' started by Steve smith, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. Steve smith

    Steve smith G&G Newbie

    Purchased a Mossberg 590, tactical. The slide release button is stuck in the "UP" position. When pulled down, the slide position goes back to the "UP" position. The slide is stuck in the forward position. Any ideas?
  2. TACAV

    TACAV G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Welcome to the forums!

    Silly question I know, but have you dissembled the gun yet?

    Specifically dropping the trigger group housing out and checking to make sure the two shell stop bars that come out from both sides of the inside of the receiver are in correctly and and not warped or gummed up by excess factory grease or are mating incorrectly with the trigger group?
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  3. Sav .250

    Sav .250 G&G Evangelist

    Check out U-Tube for a possible tutorial on the subject. Might be an audio/visual available.