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  1. Riccardo

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    Ciao, who is the best producer there in the USA of the M 1907 leather sling replica ? I find in the web TURNER LEATHER SLING that i think they made quite good quality, any suggestions ? thanks Ciao Ric
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    If you are looking for a M1907 replica sling, the surplus "MRT" slings are fine.

    Turner's sling is an extra high quality sling geared towards match shooters--you can use it extra hard and it will not stretch even after several seasons. If you don't shoot matches or use the sling ALOT for actual shooting, it's probably a bit overkill.


  3. I found a 1918 military sling in excellent condition for $25.00. Once you find a military sling, you'll be totally spoiled!

    Would like to find one more for my 1943 CMP M1.
  4. Riccardo

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    Ciao thanks for your reply, here in italy it is not easy to find an original one in good condition, and the price are terrible high ( 100 $ about )
    Does MRT have a web sites ?

    ciao Ric
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    Riccardo, I've got a 1996 MRT sling that I oiled up using baseball glove oil and except for the non brass clips on it, it resembles a WWI/WWII sling very closely. I've had nice comments on it.
    Good luck!
    Dave T