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Can You Group Five Slugs inside One Inch at 100Yards? With your Slug Gun?

SlugShooting for Deer? New Skills Test Game

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Just dropped in to invite anybody who thinks he's a Slug Gun ace to check out our Association, and perhaps sign up for the competition. Visit our website at for details. We are offering FREE unlimited membership for all active Military and Law Enforcement, with special privileges, exclusive forums, and special discounts on other products. We also offer FREE first year membership to Veterans. (We think those of us who served ought to get a little something back once in a while.)
Also there are regular member chat and forums there, looking for new blood, new posts, etc. Strictly Shotguns, Strictly SlugShooting
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Thanks for the info:right:

I'm not sofisticated enough to strive for two inch groups at 100 yards. I'm still using a smooth bore and Foster slugs. About 6 inches at 100 yards is the norm for me.

Love the shotguns :right:
I down loaded the app. It came up in some other computer lingo??
oh yeah! they will do it. Typicaly with rifled BBL and sabots.
Ok, got the down load to work. Thanks. The membership isn't outrageous & I think I qualify for a Veterans year trial ANG with Desert Storm and IF service.

Just a hint. People here are very anti Paypal.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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