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  1. When I was 12 I wanted to learn to shoot. My guardian said do your chores, milk the goats sythe some alfalfa daily for the animals and I will give you 22 ammo and a tiny 22 revolver with a one inch barrel. With a box of 50 rounds he nailed a sheet of paper and a playing card with the ace of spades in the center of it. He drew me a picture of what the sight pictire of the pistol should look like and said stand here. He said when I made 3 holes in the spade I will let you use my model 62 pump winchester to hunt rabbits for dinner. It took a awful lot of concentration and squinting but in two boxes of ammo I did it. And shot cottontails for dinner with the rifle from then on. At the age of 14 I was the youngest NRA junior Distinguished Expert in my State and at 17 I was on the State National Guard Rifle team and won the hat off of the Commanding General for helping a Guard Team beat a Marine team for the first time in California history. I have had a career as an officer, a reloading tool dealer a manufacturer and have had a very interesting life. It pays to concentrate.

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    Cool story, thats the way it should be today with kids and their fathers, mentors, big brothers etc.

  3. Another success story where someone had the insight to 'insist' or 'encourage' you to strive for the best you could do. It sounds like it paid off in later life, also.

    Congrats!....fer sure.