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    Did the Model 27 come magnaported from the factory? I was offered a Mod. 27 with a 3.5" barrel. I just dont know if this was done from the factory or not. If it wasn't, does that take away from the value? Thanks
  2. Magnaporting is only done by the Magnaport Company and I believe a licensee or two of theirs. S&W probably have sent a few of their firearms to Magnaport at times for in-house testing. I am not aware of S&W ever offering Magnaported handguns to the public on a normal basis. To a collector of classics the value is probably lessened. ........ Big Cholla

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    it would be.
    count on it.
  4. You can be sure that Magnaporting has reduced the collector value of that gun. A pity. 3.5" Model 27 revolvers are hard to find.

    On the plus side.... if you are looking for a shooter, then the surgery would be to your advantage. The Magnaporting should have knocked a couple hundred off the price of the gun.
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    The Model 27 did not come from the factory Magna-Ported as others have said here, this was done after it left the factory and it does kill the collector value of any 27 to have this done to it. That should also be considered in the sales price of it as I have seen it knock the market price of the 27 down as much as 50 % from this. Here is a Factory 3-1/2" Barrel Model Pre-27 that shipped in 1955 in the hard to find Nickel finish with Factory Three T's being Target Hammer, Target Trigger and Target Grips which are also called Coke style grips due to their Coke bottle side Profile appearence....I hope this helps, Hammerdown