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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Txwheels, Mar 19, 2017.


    SUBMOA G&G Evangelist

    To all that quit , You did good ! Pirate, the boy's down town at the bench where you hang out. Tell them your not going to be around for awhile because your a miserable azzhole when you are not on cigarettes. Find peace in the woods and your shop . Talk to your maker and do quit . It will suck , but eventually it will suck less. And then it will hardly suck. And then you may be free of the smoke you are chained to. I know your heart history from the stories you told and you don't need the abuse of what you got left. Please consider it. Sorry to nag but it needed done. Txwheels, thanks for sharing and inspiring others. PS pirate, I was near you today and thought about you as I passed on the interstate. @TNPIRATE
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  2. mdj696

    mdj696 G&G Evangelist

    I had bladder surgery almost a year ago to have a floater tumor (small) removed. Only attached with what I call tentacles, looked like a small piece of cauliflower. One year check up 18th next month. All you, I happened up on a site Team Inspire that is great reference to cancer. They say bladder cancer is detected in men around early 70s. Us guys in Viet Nam mid 60s. Men are 5 times more likely to have bladder cancer than women. Mine was found by VA during cat scan, I had dislocated a rib what they were looking for. Had very little blood in urine.
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  3. ChaZam

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    There's all kinds of ways to quit smoking. I hope and pray that everyone that wants to stop finds the way that works for them. Nobody wants you to quit any worse than your Creator does... This past Nov. 26th was 13 years for me ...
  4. Huey Rider

    Huey Rider G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    TNP, if you stop smoking, think of all the money you can save to buy more PINK paint as well as being healthier!!:p:p
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  5. mitchr

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    It definitely affects different people, differently. My wife quit 12 years before I did & while she was smoking, didn't smoke as much as I did, but she's the one with all the health problems. I didn't really want to quit because I still enjoyed it. I did cut down on how much I smoke when I retired because II didn't want to risk my wife picking it up again. I only smoked when I was piddling in my shop. When they did my cataracts, the surgeon said I should quit. I don't know why that hit home more than when my primary care doc & the surgeon that did my colon surgery told me the same thing, but it did.
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  6. Ten Man

    Ten Man G&G Evangelist

    Going blind is easier to understand than some nebulous damage to your innards. Scarier, too!
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  7. TACAV

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    Glad you ended up ok and quit Txwheels. It's nice having you around. :)

    For all the people who smoke regularly who you can never convince to stop just for the health reasons, another good way to show the impact is just the cost of cigarette's alone.

    I knew one friend who smoked a lot a day and had been a smoker for years and years. She had just bought a new to her truck at the time which was financed for around $31,000 or so. (It was a nice truck)

    We did the basic math of how much she smoked and for how long she had smoked and figured out that she could have bought that truck outright with cash and still had plenty to spare had she never started smoking.
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  8. PAPA G

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    AHHH come on I think TNP doesn't like pink, but showing support for those fighting Women's Breast Cancer
  9. chesterwin

    chesterwin G&G Evangelist

    You might have me beat in quantity, but the time is about the same. Say a prayer for me if you will. God Bless man.
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  10. chesterwin

    chesterwin G&G Evangelist

    For each and every one of you have quit the habit regardless of the reason, God Bless You! I intend to join that condensed group of fellers in the next few days.

    For those still smoking, I spent my early years on a tobacco farm and am convinced the nicotine and tar invaded my system from harvesting it by hand.

    If you started by just lighting up. Dispose of the lighter, matches and other ways to ignite one. In other words, "just quit!"
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  11. I started Smoking way back in High School.. Joined the service and started Dipping Snuff and Cigarettes went away in short order. I was hooked on a Can and a Half a day of that stuff for 25 years and to me it was worse that cigarettes because the Nicotine content was so high that if I ran out I could huff three Cigarettes and still not put a dent in the craving.

    Of course I knew I should quit but I also knew that until my stress level was low enough and I was ready to quit it would never work. In 2008 I heard about Chantix and a friend said it really helped him so I gave it a shot. I didn't even get a week into the Chantix and started researching it and Nicotine more when the news about folks getting "Suicidal" using that stuff came out and found out that it just replaced nicotine and that at some point then I'd have to ween off of it and thought to myself WTF?

    Then as I read more about how Nicotine works it really hit home and I just Quit cold turkey. I want to share this because the health worries weren't enough to scare me to quit, but this pissed me off enough to help me through it..

    The Real Truth about Nicotine. Nicotine closely resembles Dopamine.. which is often referred to as "Our Bodies Pleasure Drug" our Bodies produce it and release it at certain times, then call it off. Even though it is released after Sex, After a good meal and things like that the Truth is Dopamine is more like the Exclamation Point! in writing it's the Chemical our body releases to say "Pay Attention! Something Important is Happening!" it's what our body does to say "WOW" that's why if you get in a Car Wreck, a Fight or if you sitting on your Sofa and someone throws a Bobcat in your Lap (as well as all the aforementioned pleasurable things) Dopamine is Released, then shortly thereafter it is called off. Now for the Ugly part... Nicotine binds to the same receptors that Dopamine does... and it Stay's there and takes hours to dissipate and when it does your body Craves more. That's also why Now every time something happens where your body would release Dopamine naturally to say "WOW" instead You need another shot of Nicotine.

    So Literally Tobacco and Nicotine are Life Stealing.. Not just in the Physical Sense but it Literally STEALS THE MEANING ... THE "WOW" OUT OF YOUR LIFE! To where all the Things that Should be Special or Significant aren't and instead you need to Light Up, or Put in a Pinch to get the Feeling that God Naturally gave to You... and that truly is "Life Stealing". So that was what it took for me to Quit.

    Now I'd like to say I haven't touched it since, but I did fall off the wagon last year after I separated from my wife. I was pretty angry about a lot of things and said F'it... I could use a little of the "WOW" taken away for a bit and I started back up. Then I got a Bad wreck and totalled my Truck and in the process got my leg busted up pretty good.. Still on the mend from that and Sporting some extra Hardware in my leg, and in the process they had me pretty heavy on percocet's for a while. Long story short after about three weeks between the accident, waiting for surgery and post op joy that Junk started putting me in a bad bad mental place and I snapped out of it and thought to hell with this Crap~ Stopped the Meds Cold Turkey because I was not about to be hooked on that junk or anything else and stopped the Tobacco again too while I was at it. Been almost a couple of months now and I barely miss it and when I do I look back to the whole "Life Stealing" thing to shore up the resolve.

    Anyway, If anyone's thinking about quitting, pass this on to them. It might not help, but then sometimes all we really need is to just see things in the right way to make it personal.
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  12. mitchr

    mitchr G&G Evangelist


    I didn't consider my colon cancer as nebulous.
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  13. chesterwin

    chesterwin G&G Evangelist

    I moved wrong and the shoulder pain woke me. In skimming the threads, this post got my attention. Thank you sir!
  14. savage12755a

    savage12755a G&G Evangelist

    The stories about people 'going suicidal' on Chantix, in my opinion, are greatly exaggerated. As far as replacing nicotine and getting hooked on Chantix, I fail to see how that is possible. If someone already has suicidal tendencies than almost any drug has the probability of enhancing those tendencies. The only effect Chantix had on me was to remove the pleasure I got from smoking. The dopamine effect that nicotine enhances, Chantix dulls or removes. For me, Chantix did not alter any of my 'moods'. I did not become angry, agitated, suicidal, hungry or irritated that someone else was smoking near me. After reading the stories about how 'bad' Chantix was and researching how many success stories it had/has, I came to the conclusion that the only ones effected by the 'possible' side effects were those who already suffered from those mental frailties. How does that old phrase go, "Take not the council of thy fears."
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  15. ACfixer

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    26 years ago this month for me. You can quit. There's no way a 3" piece of tobacco and paper has any power over you.

    FWIW Carrie quit with Chantix 9 years ago.
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  16. Rambo

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    I like to smoke. Not an addiction either. I gave it up in Oct 1975. It seems smoking causes heart disease in my family and I don't need that.
    At age 60, I ran a 7 minute mile and nothing was chasing me. Good lungs and a strong heart will carry the rest of you through life.
    Still, I can smell a Marlboro a mile away.
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  17. PaleHawkDown

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    I smoked for awhile but for some reason it never grabbed hold of me. I smoked in high school because "it looked cool" and gave it up cold turkey. I picked it up again in college because I was dating a girl who smoked, and kept it up because I enjoyed the camaraderie of standing outside with others. Then I quit again with no issues (except the positive, but fattening one, that steak tasted amazing once my taste buds came back online).
    I've been very lucky to never get addicted to it.
    Alcohol, on the other hand, has come very close to becoming a full-blown addiction more than once in my life. I'm good by myself, but I have to stay away from "social drinkers"
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