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    Long ago I said to my mom, remember when the neighbors talked about their kids great school grades, and you were embarrassed be cause mine were bad? Well guess what, all them kids are dead from alcohol and drug use!

    My M.I.L. telling me about her son having to fight in Nixon's war, while giving me evil looks I guess she assumed I was a Republican. She was an uber lib! Then I said I don't know about that Blanche, ya see I was in Johnsons war! Shocked look on her face, and shut up!

    My girls asked me if they were all drowning who would I rescue first? My reply...none of you, you see I do not know how to swim. As much as I tried to swim all I could do is a drowning puppy move!

    My oldest asked me how come my family is so small, and moms is so big. I said, a long time ago in Ireland my ancestors sent a young couple to America. They were to work and make money enough to send the rest of the families to America. They were able to pay for all members of the family. Then they got on the ship and sailed off for America, the name of the ship was Titanic!

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    F em and feed em beans I say.
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    down here the saying goes "f em and feed em fish" I guess we have a different dialect here.:)
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