So, we caught the bad guys, now what?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BenP, Oct 24, 2002.

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    Turns out the guy is ex military, served in desert storm, is associated with Camp Ground Zero, went to a suspected White Supremecist combat training facility in Alabama, and is now a self professed and renamed muslim. He is also quite an idiot. We find out its some black dude that used to be named John Williams, but changed it to Muhammed something. The only reason he got caught is because his IQ is somewhere around 70.

    Now the lib gun grabbers are gonna start screaming about how none of this would've happened if we'd just had more gun control laws. Hello, Mcfly? There are already lots of gun control laws on the books, and none of them worked to stop this guy, only to disarm his victims. We can't enforce what you've already done, what makes you think more is gonna make any difference, except maybe to make more criminals out of law abiding citizens.

    I am going elk hunting tomorrow. I am not going to have any access to any media, so I won't know what's going on until I get back. If the stupids in the legislature start cranking up the ole propaganda machine, maybe I'll just turn around and head back into the hills again.

    One things for sure, there's plenty more where this Williams nut came from. Of course, now others have been shown the way as well. I honestly thought that this guy wouldn't be caught this soon, but never underestimate how stupid criminals can be, I guess. This smacks of Timothy McVeigh scenario too much. Yeah, this guy claims to be Islamic, but really he's just another ticked off disenchanted ex military who wants to punish the system that let him down. This guy just plain hates the american institution and it's dichotomy. Nothing new, just another effective method of showing his contempt.

    Still, a pretty good wake up call for the rest of us, if we will listen. I'd expect another attack real soon. Maybe not the same MO, but you can be sure it's not ending with this guy.

    I just got a break at work. I am going to be transferred to a new unsecured location, which means I can start packing a gun to work, at least in my rig. Before, I risked jail time if I kept my shotgun in my rig so I could go practice shooting clays at the range after work. Of course, you know me. I'm not anywhere without some means of defending myself. But at least now I can be more legitimate about it.
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    you be careful out there.

    if the guys caught are the ones, it will blow outta the water all the theorist and profilers.

    the Camp Ground Zero supposed to be a private training facility for law enforcement, and wannabes with the cash. media says its a white supremast training camp, other times al quida training camp, owned by some Brits!!! wtf!!!

    i am reaching overload on the B.S. can't wait for the book to come out!!!:confused:

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    Caught at last!!!!! That's great news.

    I hadn't turned on the news this morning yet so am glad to hear your report. There should be plenty of coverage today to fill in any details.

    It's for sure that the public shouldn't generalize and blame all ex-military people who have somewhat similar backgrounds. That'd be an injustice to a lot of good people.

    Got to go find out more about this jerk...

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    Is it real, or Memorex?

    I'm reserving judgment til we know more. The Talking Heads are too flustered - a bunch of "headless chickens", if you get my drift.
    I find it hard to believe that these two morons had the smarts to evade capture so long. The events of the last few days eveoke the feeling that these guys are - "Dumb and Dumber"! Caught sleeping in the same car that's been the subject of nationwide APB? In possession of the stolen credit card? Snoozing in a public rest-stop in an area surrounded by the cops?
    Just too stoopid!! :eek:

    I think these "snipers" are just a couple of greedy barstids who tried to one-up the system, and got nailed. Don't stop the search just yet. :rolleyes:
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    I agree with Big dog. I'm withholding any conclusion to this until they are 120% sure these are the perps.
    If they are the ones behind it, I hope they fry for what they've done. However, some attorney right now is getting ready to present yet another outrageous case of "youth-gone-bad", and how this poor guy was neglected by the system.