So what is a Terrorist Act?????????

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    Now my logic....warped by years of brain abuse....thinks setting off a bomb is a terorist act and not a "personal type of thing."
    Slapping someone is personal...blowing them up is bad....(in most case) ... I love the press.

    Explosion in Washington garage not believed to be terrorism

    Washington-AP -- Police in the nation's capital say a pipe bomb explosion at a municipal garage is not believed to be an act of terrorism.

    A man who apparently was trying to start a car was injured.

    The blast happened about five miles from the White House.

    Evacuations were ordered for a two-block radius, including a shopping mall, offices and restaurants.

    A police official says the motive is unknown, but it appears it was "a personal type of thing."

    Officials say the injured man was visiting someone in the area and had borrowed that person's car.

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