So, What Shotgun?

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  1. animalspooker

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    Just read a great post on Survival Gear about the use of shotguns as SHTF weapon of choice. My question is this: which shotgun do I need to be carrying and why? Do I want a pistol grip? What barrel length? Chokes? Slug shooter? I want it all! Let me have it!
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  2. Can't go wrong with the Mossberg 500. The only problem with asking this question is you are going to get others opinions as well as likes/dislikes. It truly is best to try them all out to determine what fits "you" best. Then you can feel best with what you have.

  3. TheWall

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    Sawed off double barreled 12ga.
  4. BarryHalls

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    Veiw in order

    Short answer, for SHTF get a Saiga 12: Semi auto, detatchable magazines, up to 30 rounds at a time.

    For EOTWAWKI, get a Mossberg 500 or 590, 9 shot with ghost rings: UNFAILING, INVINCIBLE action, high capacity, USA military tested and approved, dirt cheap.
  5. larmus

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    depends on what ya want it to do for you.

    if your going to use it for hunting untill the shtf, then i would suggest getting a shotgun that can change out chokes and has a longer barrel.

    if your going to be useing it primarly as a home defense weapon i would suggest something with a shorter barrel w/ a higher capacity.

    In the shotgun world you have lever action(rare), bolt action(rare as well), pump and semi-auto. There are also break actions but a limited to 1 - 2 shots i.e. double barrel, over/unders and single shots. Now shotguns are like opinions, everybody has one and they work most of the time... lol. the 2 types that i would look at for shtf would either be semi-auto or pump.

    OK, as stated in the above posts every one has differing opinions as to what you should get, my suggestion would be to see if you could try the different styles of shotgun first and then decide what model you want.

    EXAMPLE : I prefer a pump shotgun, as in Rem. 870 express magnum, it has a 3" chamber for magnum shells, i have it mod'ed to accept 9 + 1 rnds making it a 10 shot, im hopeing soon to put a pistol grip w/ 6 position buttstock on it and possibly a lighted foregrip (this im not sure of yet). My reasoning behind the pump shotgun is reliability, not saying that semi-auto isnt reliable, just saying a lot less can go wrong with a manual(pump) shotgun then with a semi-auto.

    But in the end the choice is yours, i would suggest looking into Remington, Mossberg, Benelli (thanks for the reminder Capt'n) some Winchesters, Browning and Saiga. Good luck and happy hunting!!
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  6. Id take the Benelli Super Black Eagle II of mine in a SHTF situation. I guess Id have to find some shotgun bandoleers.
    Its lightweight. Its an auto loader and fires a blistering lot of shells. Has a recoil pad built in to the butt.
    I have never had a problem shooting it.
    It would be my first choice for a Zombie outbreak as well.
  7. BarryHalls

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    Chokes and a hunting length are very valuable. I have a 28" barrel on my 835, which gives a better pattern, but 12 gauge achieves maximum velocity around 22" according to Remington. So, a 20" home defense gun can be threaded for chokes and hunt very effectively. Most of the new "turkey" 12 gauges have 22" barrels to keep them light and easy to point.

    I intend to have my 20" 500 threaded, and have rifle sights put on. She'll be mean in the thick brush.
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  8. Cyrano

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    New York
    Fond as I am of the Kalashnikov-actioned Saiga 12 (that one ranks high on my kick-myself-for-not-buying-it-when-it-was-affordable gun list), I have to agree with Barry Halls that for all-around utility in mundane life, SHTF and TEOTWAWKI, you can't beat a Mossberg 500 with ghost ring sights. (That one's on my wanna-get-it list, and I'll tell you why in a second.)

    The Mossy 500 is about as simple as a pump action shotgun can get. It's dead easy to maintain and there are lots of aftermarket options available to tune it up and make it YOUR shotgun. But the best thing about it is the ease with which you can change the barrels. I've watched people at the gun store who thought the clerk was blowing smoke at how easy it was do what the clerk had just done in front of them, change the 500 from a 20 inch personal defense barrel to a 30 inch goose gun barrel in 90 seconds flat the first time they tried. (The clerk did it in 45 seconds, including getting the 30 inch barrel out of its box, but he does do this all the time.) The thought has occurred to me more than once that for a gun in your refuge or even in your personal emergency kit, a Mossberg 500 with a 20 inch barrel on the gun and both a 24 inch field barrel and a 24 inch slug barrel in your bag is the way to go.
  9. animalspooker

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    lets be reasonable. That saiga with a twenty round clip is a little out of hand. Watched a video of a guy unloading it. He couldn't even keep his feet planted. How well are you gonna keep on target if you can barely stand up. And how many bad guys are going to have time to step out and shoot accurately in the time it takes to jack another shell in and shoot with the pump? I think I like the pump. Less moving parts means less chance of malfunction.

    Now, do I need a pistol grip? And what are these 'ghost rings'?
  10. BarryHalls

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    Let's just slow down. As semi auto goes, the Saiga is the most reliable 12 gauge in the world. They are excellent, but that's not to say that you don't want a pump.

    You NEVER want a pistol grip. You want a FOLDING stock at MOST, and those are no good with mossy because you can't work the safety properly.

    In short, if you use defensive loads with a pistol grip, you are going to injure your wrist.

    Ghost rings are just military styled rifle sights like those found on the AR-15. They are good for target acquisition. Of course, for an experienced shotgunner the bead is faster, but as rifle sights go, ghost rings are very fast AND they give you the accuracy you want for slugs out to 100 yards.
  11. thoricuncle

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    Actually I would go with the Maverick 88.

    Same thing (essentially) as the Mossberg 500 but the safety is on the trigger guard so you can use a pistol grip.

    I have the 28 and 18 1/2 inch barrels. It stays home in the 18 in barrel and I dress it up in the 28 in barrel when we go out to shoot trap.

    And you're right, less than a minute to switch barrels.
  12. The major thing I do not like about the saigas is that they only hold a 2 3/4 shell (atleast my friends only does) and I would atleast want the option of a 3 inch.

    Just a while back I took my Maverick 88 (like Thoricuncle said its basically a 500) and cut the 28 inch barrel down to 20 inches. This was done by a buddy of mine who is a gun smith so it Looks like it was meant to be a 20 inch, you can never tell unless you read whats on the barrel that it use to be a 28. I then cut the stock down 1 inch because the stock felt a little long to me. I then Went and picked up a set of Tru Glow Extreme Fiber optic sights that clamp onto the vent rib. They look almost identicle to the Williams Fire Sights. Either later today or this Sunday I will be sighting it in. THe True Glow Extreme sights come with 2 diffrent rear sight styles. There is the one that uses 2 points like on most iron sights. Then there is a ghost ring that has 2 points on on each side dead center to help keep the gun flat and not accidently angled wrong. Im going to try each kind but Im thinking I may go with the ghost ring. I modified the gun this way because I planon using it for bear protection and home defence. But I also have a 24 inch rifled/ported barrel that I can shoot slugs accuratly at 100 yards and keep a consistant 2 inch group.

    Im telling you what I have done so you know what you can do with a cheep shotgun such as a mav 88 that is still a good gun (had mine almost 9 years now and not a single problum, thousands of rounds through it) but can be bought for around 200 bucks and the only thing I payed for other than the other barrel was the fiber optic sights.

    If I were to buy a shotgun again It would be the 835 though. I plan on getting one in the next year or so to turn into my primary slug gun. And like some said some prefure Semi auto but I prefure to have a pump.
  13. Pope130

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    One more vote for the Mossberg pump. A Maverick 88, Mossberg 500 or 590 (depending on the depth of your pockets) is superbly reliable and flexible.

    My own is a model 500A, marked as a store brand "Revelation", I picked up used for a good price. It had been carried a lot, but shot only a little. I replaced the beat up wood with an ATI M-4 style stock and matching forend. Added a scope mount and red dot sight and 18 1/2 inch barrel. The original barrel is a 26 inch with variable choke, I keep it for hunting use.

    I actually prefer a conventional stock, but one of the intended uses is as a trainer for the family. As the family members come in a variety of sizes the adjustable length stock is handy. With the 18 1/2 inch barrel models you are tied to the shorter, five round magazine. The longer eight round magazine requires a minimum 20 inch barrel. The extra rounds would be nice, but I still prefer the shorter barrel for home defense work. I'll trade the extra rounds for the greatly improved handling in confined space. It's surprising how much longer and clumsier the 20 inch/eight round set feels to me.

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  14. You can always get a side saddle and have more rounds easy to get too. I plan on getting one for my gun but atm dont have the funds to.
  15. BarryHalls

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    I'm pretty sure they are supposed to have the 3" option. It's probably his magazines.

    IF you want an 18.5" barrel or any barrel OTHER than 20", get the maverick. If you can get by with using on 20", get the 500. The maverick ONLY comes in 5+1. 500 comes up to 8+1 but they ONLY make the 20" barrel for that magazine.
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  16. I took a Mav 88, cut the ribbed barrel down to 20", Put an ATI ajustable stock on it an put some Tru Glo turkey sights on the rib. % in, 5 on stock, and fifteen in the sling.
    It fits in a 40" bull dog case.
  17. Unless you know a gun smith lol. it took about 20 mins start to finish to cut mine from 28 to 20. That was taking a buffing wheel on a dremel and smothing all the edges. Every one that sees my gun doesnt have a clue the barrel is cut till I tell them. They all assume it came with a 20 inch. Wasnt really that hard to do. He actually used a dremel tool with a thin cutting wheel then took a belt sander to get it perfecly flat then took the dremal again and used a buffing wheel to smoothe the edges. THen he took the stuff he uses to blue and blued the tip of the barrel where there was bare metal. Im also thinking about looking into having the barrel threaded for a choke and getting an adjustable choke put on so I can use slugs or tighten it down for bird...just a thought atm.

    Also you can use any barrel for a 500 on a mav 88 so if you find a cheep 20 inch barrel for a 500 from a pawn shop or something it will go right on a 88.
  18. H&R12G

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    Well, a semi-auto would be nice for high pressure situations. But, sometimes a pump is better when you just need a few rounds to get off with a lower recoil. SOmnething like a SPAS-12 would be nice. I read that those are a selective fire between pump and semi-auto. I have no idea if you can buy a SPAS though.
  19. larmus

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    i had a pistol grip on my mossberg 500a it worked very well no matter if i was shooting bird shot or 3" 00buck or slugs. Did it all the time with no problems to my wrists.
  20. Tha Dave

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    For a SHTF weapon I am a big fan of the fewer moving parts the better. A Mossberg Maverick 88, Mossberg 500, 590, or Remington 870 are like comparing what is better a Ford, Chevy, or Dodge it is a matter of personal preference. I have 2 a Maverick 88 and a Model 500 both work and most parts are interchangeable. But if you are looking for strictly a hunting weapon during the SHTF time frame why not look at a H&R single shot weapon they can still be bought for well under $100 new or used. If you want a all around weapon I would go with a Mossberg pump action and spend the extra money on ammo.