So what's gonna happen now?

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  1. I've been gone for a while..haven't been on the internet or anything else much at I'm just trying to get caught up here..
    So what are yall expecting to happen now..some kind of natural diaster?
    Obama's wrath?
    Just wondering....don't take it to serioursly...
  2. Rex_Lee

    Rex_Lee G&G Regular

    Could be:
    - natural disaster
    - financial collapse (due to loss of confidence in US dollar among other things)
    - large scale terrorist attack (google: high altitude EMP)
    - rogue country EMP attack (iran,n. korea?)
    - large scale terrorist attack on power grid

    Any of these could easily happen, and set us back 100 years in a months time. I am sure there are lots of other things that I did not think of, just then.

  3. I predict Hillary Clinton to be kidnapped while she's on a mission in the middle east.

    The kidnappers will be demanding a Billion dollars for her safe release. Bad for her know one will pay the ransom.
  4. White Rook

    White Rook G&G Evangelist

    I think we should pay it with the stipulation that they HAVE to keep her......:09:
  5. big shrek

    big shrek G&G Evangelist

    Living in Florida, first thing is always hurricane/tornados-via-H.

    But now that I'm living in a cave-home, not so much of a worry anymore...

    So now it's worrying about roving bad guys after a hurricane...or the garden-variety thugs anytime.

    Main thing is keeping food/water stocks & rotating 'em...
    Standard security precautions...
    And the dogs take care of the rest ;)

    Although the sign takes care of most folks from even looking over the fence...
    "K-9 training ground, Tresspassers will become chew-toys"
    The dogs are very well trained ;)
    Germ Sheps & Rotty's :D

    I've actually been playing with crossbreeding Sheps & Rottys to create a Tough New Breed.
    If I can just get the coloration I want...
  6. Dragunov

    Dragunov G&G Evangelist

    Government initiated intimate moments without the use of condoms or vaseline.
  7. blue fox

    blue fox G&G Evangelist

    I second that idea, but they also have to take Pelosi and Reid

  8. What Kind of Shepherds? German Shepherds? That would be an interesting combo, both breeds are good dogs as long as you go with the german blood Rottys and not the AKC (American'ized Rottys) the American ones are usually imbread and can (not alwasy but CAN) be a little nuts where the German blood rott's tend to be bigger and have a more mild temper and are better with familys and kids. And same goes for GSD the American (AKC) pure breed ones often times have hip problums where the german ones dont since they arent as imbreed as the pure breed American breed German Shephards. But both are good breeds, I grew up with German Shephards and they are very smart dogs. Really good guard dogs too! Brains and Brawn.
  9. sharpshot

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    i had a half german sheppard and rotty mix and he was a great dog intimidating as hell but will only lick you to death
    man i miss that dog
  10. Real intresting..
    Now on the Hilary never mind...
    Nothing big and exciting I guess...
  11. PAPA G

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    i would suggest a swap, BO, Reid and Pelosi, for Hillary. then on the plane ride back she uses the toilet, which falls through the big hole in the fuselage.:35:
  12. rascaldog

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    Anybody ever read O'Henry's "Ransome of Red Cheif". Its about two guys who kidnap this little boy for ransom. They end up having to pay his father to take him back. This might work with Hillary, just let them keep her for a while. Then they would probably return her with several tankers of oil. If you guys get the chance to read The Ransome of Red Cheif you will enjoy it. It is hilarious. It is a short story.
  13. Cyrano

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    New York
    You do realize that at the moment this would leave us with Daniel K. Inouye of Hawaii as the President, don't you? The good news is the Senator holds a Medal of Honor he earned with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team in Italy during World War II. The bad news is he's a left-of-center Democrat. All things considered, we could do worse. On the other hand, I'd feel better if he were a Republican and/or had a record of opposing insane government spending.
  14. Now I was gonna suggest that swap idea....
    But I decided to shut my mouth.
  15. trigger

    trigger G&G Evangelist

    He asked for a theroretical opinion. NOT A DREAM.
  16. Andrew !!!!!!!

    Hello, I have missed you.
    Hope all is well.

    Your friend,
  17. Gray Wolf

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    With the price of gold and silver climbing the way it is, I expect our currency will soon become worth less, if not downright worthless.
  18. Love2hunt

    Love2hunt G&G Newbie

    Currency could definitely continue to devalue leading us towards financial collapse, emps are laways a concern, and don't forget the super flu that the WHO and CDC have been promising us would come for years.
  19. remember that this presidential thing is just a "thang" to O'bummer......he wants to lead the Bilderburgers....he just doin' dis on the side, between his sell-out america tours.....