So, you think you're a woodworker....

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by rondog, May 17, 2008.

  1. rondog

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    [ame=]YouTube - Lee Stoetzel[/ame]
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    wow thats pretty neat.

  3. Seabeescotty

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    Now that's what I like to see! A carpenter with time on his hands, and a fertile imagination.
  4. CalifgirlinOk

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    His attention to detail is amazing-Good Find-Thanks for sharing..!!!
  5. Marine1

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    There are a couple of masterful wood carvings like this one @ Gibralter Trade Center, Mt Clemens, Michigan. One in mind, is a near scale Harley Davison dresser Motorcycle. There is a second Gibralter Trade Center in Taylor, Michigan. Also on display, at the Mount Clemens, Michigan Show... are several rare antique autos... from the 1930's and up. It's a flea market,(including a bi-weekly gun show at both locations) and some great prices. Entrance fee to park is $2.00. Gun show entrance is $5.00. Thanks for these photos.

    GIBRALTAR TRADE CENTER - The Weekend Public Markets
  6. racdrof

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    A little something I played around with for about 6 months off and on. Made out of an old porch swing. Saw has a metal blade from a scroll saw, horse shoes are copper, smoke in chimney is cotton.

    Somethin wrong pictures didn't make it, I'll try again.
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  7. Coeloptera

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    What impresses me even more than his skill, which in and of itself is incredibly impressive, is his deep knowledge of the properties of the various woods he uses. I mean, the huge bike and his knowing the best sort of wood to use for the support under the seat just floors me.

    Quite the artist.

    - Coeloptera
  8. snuffysmith

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    That is neat!!! I wonder if he could build something I thought of a few months ago.
    A M1 Garand rifle, about five times larger than life with all moving parts, made completely out of wood. Wouldn't that be something to take to a gun show? Made out of wood. The springs might be something to figger out though. Oh well, I'm not talented enough to do it, but he might.


  9. Oxford

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    There are wood butcherer's, there are wannabe woodworkers, there are general woodworkers, there are specialty woodworkers, there are artistic woodworkers, and then there are former woodworkers who are missing one or more fingers.

    At each level a person probably saw something made out of wood and thought, "Hey, I can build that!"

    The wood butcherer and the artistic woodcarver seldom make plans, whereas, woodworkers in the other categories either make their own plans, or use one designed by someone else.

    Now a real wood craftsman is one who can visualize the finalized wood project in his mind, and one who can understand and complete all the necessary tasks to complete a wooden project which makes others say, "Hey, if I had all the tools that guy had I could make that project, too," when they should be compliamenting the person for completing a wood project made in an unique style for a particular function, while it makes the true wood craftsman proud of completing such a craftsmanlike project.
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