So You Want to Hunt In Darkest New Jersey?

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  1. 1. Call your lawyer. The “Garden State” is a shifting sand of chimerical regulations and laws governing gun ownership, possession and use. Chances are you will always be in violation of one of them.

    2. After your have paid your lawyer and have studied the NJ laws, go to the nearest police station and apply for a New Jersey Firearm ID Card. The person in charge of this, usually a gold-bricking senior cop, is out. They aren’t sure when he will be back. Try coming back tomorrow. He must come in on alternate leap years. Eventually you will be finger printed, investigated and allowed to fill out various forms.

    3. Now that you have an ID card it is time to go hunting. First you must pass a hunter safety course. This is given at odd locations at inconvenient times but the news is good. It no longer requires 2 days of classroom time. A mere 4 hours will do the trick, provided you complete a long hunter education work book. In lieu of this an online study course is available for $25 that awards you a certificate.

    4. Now that you have a certificate you may take the test. But wait: archery, trapping, shotgun and rifle hunting all require separate tests. Bear hunting yet another class.

    5. You have passed the test and may now purchase a hunting license. But you cannot hunt with a license alone. You need a permit.

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  2. I'd prolly get angry takeing all those test so I best go hunt some where else.

  3. moosemike

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    It's a shame what NJ has become.
  4. I killed a large buck in NJ once. It was 430 in the morning and I was doing 65 with my truck and trailer. B*ast*rd cost me over $1200
  5. I hope you had all the necessary permits

    Before you even have an accident hitting a deer in New Jersey you need to anticipate which zone you will be in and apply for the necessary permit. You may not hit deer on Sunday. Should you be within a state park area, an additional permit is required. There is even a road kill permit. Before hitting the deer, place a call to your attorney to review your options. :)
    Most of us just cross the border and hunt in NY or PA.

    David Bershtein

  6. dman24

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    Glad I live in NC. Our laws aren't nearly that bad. We are even allowed to bowhunt on Sundays this year.
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    And everyone thinks California's bad!
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    Maby your new Governor will change things.......... Insert "laughter" here.
  9. Thank you Lord for allowing me to live in a Free state.....So glad I dont have to live in NJ!
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    the best thing about WWII (for me) was that the Navy stationed my dad in the south pacific. after the war and before I was born he moved to Miami Florida. otherwise I too would have had the misfourtune of living in the Peoples Republic of New Jersey