Socialists in Congress

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    i think the link is broken.

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    Democracy is indispensable to socialism. V.I. Lenin

    Democracy is the road to socialism. Karl Marx

    The goal of socialism is communism. V.I. Lenin

    The thing is, we are not heading towards socialism or communism. we are on a direct path back to the feudal system. A very few will control everything and we (the former working and middle class) will be begging for scraps from the Baron's table.

    The basic tenet of socialism is there are no free rides. everyone contributes. Hence the hatred of the Aristocracy. The current welfare receiving underclass play the same role as the idle rich except they are the idle poor.
    We (on the left) don't like supporting bums either.
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    Sad to say but my rep is on that list. I've been voting against him since the first time he ran, and will continue to do so.
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    I'm waiting until I see this on Drudge, Snopes, CNN or MSNBC before I make a full comment.

    On the other side, do you think, deep down, that these people are truly Socialists? With all the lobbyists for Insurance, Energy, ect that help them get into office, I doubt they actually have intentions on promoting a system that would take away their "legalized bribes"? Do you think Barney Frank wants Freddie and Fannie to stop investing in his campaign?

    I think people are confusing the Progressive Caucus with the Socialist Party. Two different things.
  5. not surprised about cynthia mckinney and john lewis

    both long term career politicians that get elected just because they are black and democrat

    if you were from atlanta you would get it, they have been in power since late 70s easily
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    Another thing to consider is how many treat politics like a family business. I don't think I'll vote for anyone who has a parent or grand parent in elected office again.
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    That list is almost 10 years old. Rep John LaFalce hasn't been in office since the 2002 election. Would rather see a new list than something regurgitated since the Clinton Administration.

    EDIT: Just noticed the copyright on the page is 2002.