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  1. Mr Kalifornia

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    Been considering purchasing a Romanian Tokarev from SOG. Do they have a good reputation for providing quality weapons; and is it worth it to pay the extra $10 for hand pick?
  2. jason1965

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    I bought a MN 91/30 from them about 2 years ago and went with the hand pick option and was not disappointed.
    They have good service and reasonable prices.
    Jason M

  3. Paper

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    Remember that hand pick doesn't mean you're going to get a special super nice weapon.. It means they're going to open 5 boxes, take a quick glance to see which one of the 5 "looks" the best, and send you that weapon..

    I've bought a lot of guys from SOG over the years, some mail order, and some picking them up at the warehouse just north of Cinncinnati.. I've never had anything I wanted to send back due to condition.
  4. gandog56

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    I have been happy with anything I have gotten from SOG. I have also been happy any time I paid the 10 buck handpick fee from any place.,
  5. mosineer

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    Same here, been well satisfied with products and service. Hope your experience goes well. Let us know...

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  6. gandog56

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    Although I bought a CZ-82 from Century International instead, I was thinking about getting one of them SOG Toks. Which is better I wonder, the Romanian or the Yugo Toks?
  7. SwedeSteve

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    Watcha Tokin now Gdog ??

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    I will let you know..I ordered some items last week and they are waiting for me at home..They made a mistake on my order and I talked to Kelly and she took care of everything without a hassle...When you call ask for Kelly!

  9. On advantage I see with the Romy is it comes with 2 mags.

    I ordered the Yugo M57 and it only came with one mag, and the original mag runs about $50-$100 on Gunbroker. No one makes replacements (that I know of), because the M57 is a 9 rounder' and will not take standard 8 round tok mags.

    I just mod'd a CZ52 mag and it works fine, but an adittional $25.

    The quality was great, mine just had a little nick on one of the hand grips(did not hand pick). It is a nice full size 1911 type handgun.

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  10. .22guy

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    I've heard good things and bad things about their products. Ya pay your money and ya take your chances I guess.

    I think they are pretty good about returns if you are not satisfied.
  11. blaster

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    I have always been satisfied with everything I have purchased from SOG. they have also been nice to deal with on the phone. as far as paying extra for hand pick, I don't do it any more. I take the luck of the draw. I have gotten mint condition guns with out paying the extra and have gotten some pretty rough ones that I paid extra for. If the gun is that bad, ship it back and get another.
  12. Just a quick word of warning to you guys with C&R licenses like me who purchase from SOG.
    I just purchased some ammo "not guns" from SOG, I updated my address through their site a month ago, they still tried to send it to my last address and I had to drive like an hour away from house to get my package, the reasoning for the confusion was that they went on the address on my C&R instead of what was updated even though I didn't order a gun.
    So just a word of warning with SOG, update your C&R by sending them the latest copy of your license and update the address digitally.
    They are the only ones so far I have had an issue with.
  13. zebramochaman

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    I have dealt with SOG many times and I have never been disappointed. They carry quality items at reasonable prices, their shipping is fast and relatively inexpensive and they respond to inquiries in a timely fashion.
    The only thing I would caution you on is that their prices shown on their WebSite are for cash purchases. If you order using a CC, your price will be adjusted to 2% more.
  14. Orlando

    Orlando G&G Evangelist

    They dont call the Sorry Old Guns for nothing. I stopped dealing with them years ago
  15. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist

    I've been perfectly happy with my two purchases from them.
  16. writerinmo

    writerinmo G&G Evangelist

    I wish they had more options to choose from on their 91/30's. I ordered from Classic Arms instead as I could specify which arsenal and which receiver.
  17. texnmidwest

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    I have purchased two rifles from them and have been happy with what they sent me.
  18. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist

    Got my K98 from them. Paid the 10 buck hand select fee and they sent me a beauty.
  19. NRAJOE

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    I've never had a problem with SOG...bought my majority of C&R's from them...they ship fast too.
  20. Cyrano

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    New York
    Go with the handpick option when you buy from SOG and you won't be disappointed, ganny.

    As for the Tokarevs, there are pluses and minuses to each.

    The plus to the Romanians or the Russians is that it's easy to find their 8-round magazines if you want extra mags as most shooters do. There is also an aftermarket muzzle brake which replaces the barrel bushing available which allegedly does a good job of reducing muzzle flip.

    The minus to the Romanians or the Russians is the TT-33 was designed without a safety. US gun laws forbid importation of pistols with no safeties. So in order to make the pistols US-compliant, the sellers have had to install some very half-assed safeties on the pistols, located in very inconvenient spots. The safeties they've come up with are so infuriating, you can find videos on Youtube explaining how to remove them and fill in the holes that had to be drilled to mount them. The crummy, ill-positioned, hard to work safety is why I didn't buy a Russian Tokarev.

    The pluses to the Yugoslav Model 57 are its nine round magazine and the fact it has an M1911 style slide locking safety that was designed in. It's located in the same position as that of the M1911 and is as reliable. I'd feel confident carrying the Model 57 cocked and locked, just as I would with the old .45.

    The minus to the Model 57 is the nine round magazine. Most of the pistols sold by the online houses come with a holster, a cleaning rod and no spare magazine. If you want additional magazines, they are not easy to find and cost like mad if you do find one, as roggom noted. There are posts and videos out there which explain how to convert the easier to find and cheaper to buy CZ-52 magazines to fit a Yugo Tok, but all of them note that any such converted magazine will have to be tuned to fit your pistol. They aren't guaranteed to interchange with any other Model 57.

    That said, I bought a Model 57 for myself, mostly because of the designed-in safety. I have to say that I'm fond of it.

    You all know my reputation as the mechanical klutz of the century. Well, my Yugo Tokarev is as close to a modular pistol as you will find. I'm especially fond of the modular trigger group and the captured recoil spring. It's not often someone can improve on a design pioneered by John M. Browning, but Fedor Tokarev did. Had he lived, I'm sure Saint John would have thought of both ideas eventually. I have difficulty dismantling an M1911 for cleaning and reassembling it afterwards. My biggest problem is picking up the swinging link with the slide release pin; my next biggest, with locking and unlocking the barrel bushing and catching the recoil spring cap without it flying across the room. The captured recoil spring eliminates that problem. The little retaining lock on the right side of the frame makes it so much easier to be sure your slide release pin is in the correct place after you pick up the swinging link, too.

    The modular trigger group tends to drive some people nuts until they learn its secret. To reinstall it, the Model 57 safety must be ON. You flip the safety on, reinsert the trigger group, and take the safety off. This locks the trigger group in place and makes putting the reassembled slide, barrel, bolt, and captured recoil spring easy.

    I can't quite reassemble a Model 57 blindfolded. There is still the problem of picking up the swinging link for me. But apart from that, I could do it if I had to.

    Now, if I can just lay my hands on about three spare magazines for it...
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