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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by holyokster, Mar 31, 2002.

  1. holyokster

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    Got the April SOG flyer from SOG. They list having "new in the box" Mak's. Are these truly new or arsnenal refinished? These are supposedly part of the 10,000 Maks repordedly from Bulgaria that recently arrived. Anyone have any input?
  2. Cranky-Kraut

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    Hmmm, I havent seen any such flyer but I would assume that if they say "new" the guns really must be "factory fresh" firearms that may have been sitting in storage for decades but were never actually issued or fired. I think legally they cannot call arsenal refinshed guns "new" but this would be one of those times where if I were interested in buying one, I would simply call SOG and ask.

  3. Dennis

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    Cranky and Holy
    I have heard rumors that there is a container full of unissued Soviet
    Mak's and Tok's comeing this year. they are supposed to be on hold pending state department approval for importation.
    I hope I hope I hope I hope.

    I have been told "Summer"
  4. Cranky-Kraut

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    You know....the Russians still make Makarovs at Baikal....I think. I used to have their website but lost the URL and have never found it again. The local shop where I bought my EG Mak about a year ago was selling NEW Russian Maks for the same price as my VERY lightly used East German. When I asked him about them he told me he would still take one of the gently used East German Maks over a new Russian.

    I wish I could tell you more but I no longer have the links, etc for you to look at. Maybe someone will read this and be able to help.
  5. Big Bad Wolf

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    I have seen the same flyer from SOG, it lists unissued Bulgies and excellent condition Bulgies, they have niether. They also advertise PA-63's which they also don't have. I love how they advertise and hype these terrific deals that they don't even have to sell. :rolleyes:
  6. Bryan Williams

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    yeah i know what you mean Wolf, I called about some SKS and Mosin Nagant ammo, out of BOTH. Then I tried to call about getting the PA-63, out of stock. :( Guess I'll have to wait huh?

    Oh and while I was searching tonight for information about the Mak's, I seen a picture of one of the shipments that just arrived about a week ago.... brand new still in the arsenal crate and what black lil beauties! Although I prefer the two toned look :)