Soldier almost denied permit to carry gun in Ohio

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    Four years after Ohio began issuing permits to carry concealed handguns, some questions remain: for instance, whether cities can ban the weapons in city parks or if permit-holders` names should be public. But there is an even more basic one, which Army Capt. John Pritchard ran smack into: Ohio will issue the permits only to residents of the state, but what does it mean to be an Ohio resident? The answer, apparently, is "It depends."

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    the next issue with these politicians will be combat vets being mentaly stable enough to carry. watch these rats try this one!!!

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    This is actually an easy one. Soldier's and Sailor's releif act should allow him to claim recourse should OH attempt to get in the way of the permit renewal. It'll also have teeth should any bureaucrats try to screw with him--not only to force the issue but prosecute those who stood in the way.

    I'd suggest OH take a lesson from FL--FL's CCW system is great when it comes to those serving in our forces. TX has just upgraded theirs as well.

    People in OH should be ashamed for not renewing this immediately. The guy's an officer in the ARMED FORCES for heaven's sake.

    Maybe we need a federal law which gives AD and vets carte blanche in all states to CCW (kinda like the LEO one we have now).

    Or maybe a federal law to let everyone do this ?

    Oh yeah, that's right, IT'S IN THE CONSTITUTION !!!
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    It pays to know the laws in your home state, county and town. We're all human and can make mistakes.
  5. You're right; the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act should be all that's necessary. I don't think we need to clutter up the landscape with more laws when that one so clearly applies.

    Perhaps someone could look into asking Ohio's State Attorney General to issue a written legal opinion stating the provisions of the Act clearly apply in these situations??