Soliciting opinions on son's NPM

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JoeInCT, Sep 13, 2002.

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    My son has an NPM carbine. It was originally purchased by his mother's uncle, a WW2 GI, thru the NRA/DCM program in 1965.

    - sn 4,202,xxx estd mfgr date Feb 44 per Ruth/Duff
    - stock is M1 type, cross cannons and P proof, JLB mark in the sling inlet (Jamestown Lounge for IBM, per a site response)
    - Bbl is Marlin 1-44 flaming bomb, MW reading 2.00
    - Bolt Rockola round type
    - Rear sight is stamped
    - Trigger Housing is Rockola type 1 hammer
    - Slide is Saginaw Type 1
    - Safety is rotary
    - Mag catch is M underlined
    - Bbl band is Type 3 with bayo lug
    - No visible arsenal rebuild marks, but 3/8 arsenal cut for slide is evident

    Wondering how "original" this carbine likely is, would appreciate opinions and comments. TIA
  2. wes

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    No expert here. Rear sight is too late for original.Safety should be push button. Mag catch is too late,(does it have the third catch?) Should have a type 2,or maybe type 1 barrel band. Round bolt? MAYBE. I do believe Marlin supplied barrels for NPM and the barrels were usually a few months earlier than receiver,sounds as if it could be pretty close to original. HTH.

  3. ChrisG.

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    The rifle is a service grade weapon. It has been through one or more rebuilds and sounds as if it has little or no factory original parts. However, it does sound like an all "GI" as issued weapon. This is a grade terminology given to a rifle as it would have been used post WWII. That and it sounds alot better than "mixmaster". Anyway, good gi gun. Enjoy shooting it with your son.

    PS. If you are ever inclined to sell that T1 hammer I sure could use it for a restoration.

    Hope this helps,
  4. jimb2

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    I agree with ChrisG. It is a service grade rifle. It should be a good shooter, but it isn't anything special.