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  1. MikeB

    MikeB G&G Newbie

    What is the best solvent to use to remove scope ring screws?
  2. lefty o

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    if they're really stuck, id just soak em with any good penetrating oil ,and let em soak for a few days.

  3. nashcat

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    If Loctite was used on the screws, they may have to be heated to get them out. Loctite is really a plastic that sets up in the absence of air (Like in the bottom of the screw hole). It will usually seal the threads and prevent penetrating oil from reaching the threads, so sometimes oil doesn't help. If you can gently heat the screws, it will soften and come right out. I've found that 400 F is hot enough for most of the Loctite grades. Be careful and don't over do it.

    Just my opinion, I may be wrong.

  4. Don Williams

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    Mike, If they used blue or purple loc-tite, it should come out with hand tools. If they used red :( , nashcat is right, it has to be heated to about 450 degrees. However, you might try something else first - seems to me that I heard somewhere that vinegar would weaken loc-tite. If you decide to try it, be careful, as it is a mild acid and will attack blueing, and left long enough will pit carbon steel, so I'd keep it off of everthing else.
  5. sadiehn

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    try taking a eltric soldering iron and put the tip of it right on the screw and heat this will allow you to heat just the screw and not the rest of the action.Due this only if the screw has a locking agent on the threads. if it is rust or over tight it will not help as it will cause the screw to accualy grow.If it is ove tight you will have to heat the action or break it off and have it redrilled and tapped
  6. Don Williams

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    Sadiehn, Good advice on the soldering iron!
  7. Jack O

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    An old mechanics trick is to dip it in hot motor oil. The same effect might by dropping hot oil on the srew heads the warm oil should soften and break down the lock tight and it want hurt your guns finnish. Hope this helps.
  8. ScottD

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    Sadiehn is right on the money with the soldering iron, If it rust Kroil will do the trick. Spray it on and let it sit several hours.