some Billionaires who didn't join the 40

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  1. petrol

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    I didn't read the original story because I figgured it was a publicity stunt (still do). but I'm less surprised at who didn't join in. (the Walton family are notoriously stingy).
    better than giving away would have been for 40 billionaires to make sure their business were run paying decent wages and benefits to the staff. if these guys can prove it could be done there wouldn't be the need for ostentatious acts and headline grabbing.

    on another note, saw the expendables last night. man I want an AA-12.:rocketwhore:

    billionaires-who-havent-taken-the-pledge: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
  2. i have contempt for all of them

    cant think of any of them i really like

  3. Palladin8

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    giving to charaties is not a bad thing to do but to have the media to call you out and try to shame you into doing it is petty if you ask me. If they don't want to donate half their income they certainly don't have to. If they donate a few million they haver certainly done a good thing.
  4. SwedeSteve

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    The philanthropic few have already made the news. So much for the rest !!
  5. Kaybe

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    It is their money and they can do with it as they want. Who is ANYBODY to say what someone else should do with the money they have earned? The govt is bad enough, we don't need people harassed, shamed and so on to give. Freedom. Freedom to do what you want with your money.
  6. TGF

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    If I had a billion dollars I wouldn't give it away. I would pay for extravagant baby seal clubbing vacations for everyone on gun and game.
  7. What I'd like to see is them give to charity and not take the tax write off. Now that would be true charitable giving.
  8. After this thread was posted I though how nice it would be if all these billionare's would get together and rebuild the Industry we use to have. Even build factory's to build toy's, furniture many of the thing's we Import today from China and else where.

    I feel like if the one's responsible would tap our resource's again and stop paying out the butt hole for them America can be America again.
    With all the unemployed American's we can over come and rebuild America to become a shineing star to the world again.

    Think about it ?
  9. petrol

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    AH, that's exactly the point I was tryimg to make. It their money to do with as they wish ang giving is certainly better than not giving, but think of the american cities that could be rebuit by these people. Detroit, gary, toledo, new orleans. It would be great if these people would invest in america. Good paying jobs, good benefits, security.
  10. Not really wanting to get into the specifics of the law, these billionaires are using the tax code to shelter their money from taxes by “Donating” their money into charities. Charities that they control. There is more to this story than just that the billionaires are great people and are giving away all of their money...


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    I think most of them increased their fortunes by sending jobs overseas.

    If i was one of them I would build a arms factory in Flint Michigan. What would be better for America than getting AR's cranked out on the assembly lines that used to crank out Detroit Muscle.
  12. petrol

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    it's a pretty empty gesture. while charity is nice that old give a man a fish he'll eat for a day' saying is true. people need jobs. jobs that pay enough to buy a home and raise your kids.

    we don't need to be in the position of. 'i hate my job, i work 60 hours a week and need to apply for food stamps, but boy am i lucky to have a job at all'. the feudal system sucked in the 14th century and it sucks now.
    an aside:
    meg whitman hasn't donated because she's spending all of her money trying to buy california.
  13. grizcty

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    I think this is a another hit job, article.

    I would be willing to bet.
    That almost EVERYONE here, in G&G.
    Would be considered, filthy rich.
    Compared, to many folks in this world.
    As there are many places, that a whole family works 7 days a week.
    And makes less then, $10 -20.00 a week.
    With that said, any American who makes $25,000.00 a year.
    Would be considered, very wealthy to them.

    So why are WE, not freely giving our $ to them?
    Or being shamed like this article does, into doing it!

    What I do with my $, is nobodies business.
    We work hard, pay the bills, taxes & tithes.
    We, give separate donations to different causes.
    We don't owe ANYONE $.
    Except utilities, don't own new vehicles.
    Or fancy clothes, house, or toys.
    We live within our means.

    This is our choice, of lifestyle.
    The key word is CHOICE!
    As we still live in AMERICA.

    Be honest about this.
    Just because, SOME folks have big $.
    Either by working for it, or inheritance.
    It is still THEIR $, to do what they want.

    I don't feel.
    That any fellow citizen, has the authority.
    To make/force/tell anyone, to give there $ away.
    It BELONGS to them.

    BUT, remember what goes into effect next year.
    The DEATH TAX.

    Yep, the Federal government, NOW has the authority to take it!

    READ UP on it.

    Got any old rich relatives?
    After this death tax, goes into effect.
    Don't expect to get as much free $, from their estates!

    These billionaires, are billionaires.
    Because they hire the smart folks, to PROTECT there $.

    Then you might realize.
    WHY these Billionaires, are starting to do this!
    Just as rich folks in the past, started foundations.

    The really poor, cant not help the poor.
    But the blessed can.

    Everyone here, who has a roof over their head.
    And food in their stomach, is BLESSED.

    So it is EVERY BODIES job, to help the poor.
    Not the just the really rich!

    The next time you see a poor person.
    Buy him/her a sandwich.
    And freely give it to them, with friendly smile.
  14. .22hustler

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    Well, I'm NOT joining either, and I don't care what you think about me.......
  15. Kaybe

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    Baby seal clubbing vacations for everyone!! The sport of kings.