Some body gettin' da money.

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  1. Rave

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    Ever hear of the rich gettin' richer while the poor are gettin' poorer?
    Well,the middle class is disappearin' and wall street had the best month since 1939!
    I guess da recession just might be over for some.;)
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  2. It hurts to hear it and hurts even more to know it's true.

  3. killsnapz

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    The final solution?

  4. Rave

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    The grave,I guess.:censored:
  5. Yes,

    It sickens and astounds me when the politicians rant about Al Queda, international drug cartels, etc. being a threat to America when the real problem is the failure to expand, enrich, and empower the middle class of America.

    Great nations have a long history of failing from within.
  6. samuel

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    Hang in there!I may go down,but they are **** well going to know they were in a fight.
  7. Rave

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    That's the spirit!:biggthumpup: