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  1. Howdy,

    More interesting stuff here....

    Number Seeking To Buy Guns Rose 3% In 2001

    The number of Americans seeking to buy handguns and rifles last year rose 3% to nearly 8 million, of which 1.9% were rejected, the Justice Department said. (LA Times web site may require registration to view this article)

    Read about it: LA Times Online
  2. MarkII 22

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    Sniper[MI] your tourning in to a Doglips/Oxford.:D

  3. Big Dog

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    There is safety in numbers!! If they would all vote, we could stop a lot of the nonsense. November 2nd - be there! :cool:
  4. Stopper

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    Absolutely right Big Dog Homer man!

    Buy a gun and go vote dagnabit!
  5. jerry

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    the more the merrier
  6. Oxford

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    MarkII 22: Would you explain what you mean a little more clearly.

    Here's what you wrote above:

    "...your tourning in to a Doglips/Oxford". Have we become adjectives? (ha)

  7. MarkII 22

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    OK Oxford what I ment by your tourning in to a Doglips/Oxford.:D and dosent a big :D give a hint. Was that I was jokeing Sniper about starting to post a lot of news tipe threads like you and Doglips. Now dose that make sinse?

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Its probably your spelling! We're all confused when we read your stuff!:confused: :rolleyes:
  9. Jr Oxford Doglips?


    Actually I am flattered by the comparison. And frankly, Oxford and Doglips should be offended by the comparison!!!! LOL!

    Nah, just a few tidbits I came across and no one else had posted. But I do agree, we should all vote. We should all be vigilant and we should all belong to some sort of pro gun groupthat fights for change.

    Now if every legal gun owner felt as we all do here, we would all be in a bit safer world...........
  10. Oxford

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    MarkII 22: I thought we were touring or something when I first read your post.(ha)

    On the other hand I'm not smart enough to make any original statements. Been thinking about posting definitions out of the dictionary next.(ha)

    No sir, I'm not offended by any comparisons. My name's not copyrighted. However, if you sell it I want a royalty.(ha) How about 10 cents for every time it's posted? You collect it and I'll split 50/50. Okay?
    Oxford:D :D :nod:
  11. MarkII 22

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    Ok Oxford only we split it 25/75 you get the 25:D:D :nod:
  12. Hey Mark stop being so dense--TURNING.
  13. Shaun

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    I had heard about the rise in ownership and thats good we are seeing a rise in permit holders here.
  14. Oxford

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    My guess is that the 9/11 event triggered a lot of fence riders to take action.