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Some data for you to look over on Vol. 3 of the Garand Papers. Have fun.
· Chapter Six
Now we enter 1941. Our first file is dated February 15, 1941. Lt. Col. Barroll, Jr. Ordnance, to Major McAuliffe ( I wonder if this is the same, later to be Major General McAuliffe of Bastogne, Battle of the Bulge fame. When asked to surrender Bastogne to the Germans, his immortal one word answer “NUTS” will live forever.) The subject of this file is “Questions Relating to M1 Rifle. The file shows us that at the time Major McAuliffe was the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-4.
“In reply to your telephone requests and confirming answers given on the telephone, below is listed the information you requested:
a. Question: What is the present production rate of the M1 rifle ?
Answer: (1) Springfield Armory is producing M1 rifles at the rate of 550 per day.
(2) the Winchester Repeating Arms Company produced 500 during their first month of operation (January).
b. Question: What increase in production rate is anticipated ?
Answer: (1) The Winchester Repeating Arms Company anticipates a production rate of 200 per day by October, 1941.
(2) The Springfield Armory anticipates an additional production rate of 450 rifles per day by July, 1941.
c. Question: Save all the tools been produced and are the production lines complete ?
Answer: (1) The Winchester Repeating Arms Company Has procured all machine tools necessary for their planned production rate of 200 rifles per day.
The production line is substantially complete.
(2) The Springfield Armory has procured the necessary machine tools for the planned production rate of 1000 rifles per day.
One production line is producing 550 rifles per day. the other production line, having a capacity of 450 rifles per day, is approximately 75 % completed.
d. Question: How many M1 rifles have been issued to troops ?
Answer: (1) 115,589 M1 rifles have been issued to troops.
(2) There are 5,074 M1 rifles in storage.
e. Question: Does the Ordnance Department object to the release of the results of the test conducted by the Marine Corps comparing the M1 with the Johnson rifle ?
Answer: This report on these tests has never been received by the Ordnance Department.”
OK, OK, OK I know we all need a break after this report. One, we know that at this point in time that adding the M1’s issued with the M1’s in stores we have a set number to go by 120,663, at least we think we do. Also, that production at Springfield can and will soon reach 1,000 M1 rifles per day. But OH the problems at Winchester!!!!!!!!!!
Our next file gives us some insight into production at Winchester. The file is from Col. Drewry to Major Franklin.

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Thanks again for taking the time and effort to read this data. I hope you have learned a little of the history of the M1 Garand.
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