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  1. Well here is some of my rifles and shotguns. Frankly I got tired of lugging them out. And I ran out of room so have about 30 more not in the pic. But its a start.
    German Turkish Chile Argentine Swede Mausers are in front of the fireplace.
    Russian Finnish Mosins lower left on the pit group.
    US lower right Carbines laying between.
    Italian Carcanos upper middle.
    Jap Arisakas upper right.
    Shotguns upper left.
    British Indian Enfields lower middle.
    French MAS upper far left.
    And a little of everything else here and there.

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  2. .22guy

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    Holy Crap! You have a nice collection. I am envious! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mighty nice collection you have there Capt..
  4. just_a_car

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    Hey!!! There's a yellow '71-72 Mach1 Mustang in that second picture!!!

    ...oh, and there were some guns there, too, I think. :09:

    (Awesome collection there... one word: Arsenal)
  5. Ya JAC I like Mustangs too. Have 8 of them so far.
  6. Yellow? Looked gray to me. lol Never mind, I was looking at the wrong picture. I thought you meant the second picture from the left. But you meant his 2nd picture and the last picture of stangs in that picture.. lol Can you say communication gap. lmao
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  7. just_a_car

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    You're looking at the wrong car, GM. I'm talking about the one facing away from you in the little picture with the black rear-end and black stripe down the side.

    You wanna know how bad I got mustang fever?!? I can tell it's either a 1971 or 1972 just by the shape of the side-stripe! The 71 and 72 are almost indistinguishable from each other, externally.

    My Mach1 (my avatar) is a 1972.

    Edit: It's likely a 1971, due to it appearing to have the flip-down gas cap, which only came on the 1971 and VERY early 1972 models, due to the DOT calling them unsafe.
  8. I know I did/was JAC. lol I thought I explained why. lmao It's all good.

    I'm a Mustang lover also. And I'm also a Cuda lover and a Challenger lover, but, most of all I'm a Charger lover. I also like Camaros and Firebirds, preferably the earlier ones, 67,68,69 up to maybe mid 70's and then there's the Trans-Ams. But I digress. Didn't mean to get so far off topic or hi-jack your thread Capt. My apologies Capt..

    And JAC, when you said arsenal, you blobbered a sib full. lol
  9. Yup I believe it is a 71. One of the Mustangs I really want. Here is another pic at a different angle. For the rifles Im trying to get at least one of every major long gun used in WWII.

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  10. wow... how long have you been collecting?
  11. just_a_car

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    GM, as you can see from my quote, you edited your post after I quoted it, so I didn't see the edit when I wrote that.

    Cap'n, it sure looks like a '71, as that appears to be a flip gas cap. You can easily tell if there's a 1" strip of metal running vertically across it and little rivet-like bumps all around the circumference. I see now that it also has the black spoiler. I have that option for mine, but haven't installed it yet.

    I do apologize for derailing this thread, but I don't feel too bad, since you're obviously a 'stang enthusiast also.

    If you'd like to take a look at a bunch of pics of mine, I have a photobucket with some. I really like the last picture with the wheels I bought for it; 7-spoke, split-spoke: just_a_car/Mustang - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Unfortunately, you can also see in some pictures why it hasn't been driven for 3 years... the cowl rust needs to be repaired and the dash is still out of the car.

    By the way, I love the MAK-90, looks pristine. Also love the FAL, I was gunna say something about needing a CETME until I saw it in the background there, hehe.
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    What Mustang ???? LOL
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    Let me guess, single? No kids? Lotto winner?
  14. -----.
    No try hard worker.
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  15. just_a_car

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    Um... sorry to hear about the first two in the list.

    Good on ya on the last. Making your life what you want it to be with your own hands.
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    Yer good to go, Cap!!
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    Capt'n Mil Coll: Sir; when you have that :)fish fry:) I wanna come:09:
    You have some fine looking history standing around. :)

    Set them outside @the :09:fry:09:
  18. Cap. That's an awesome collection! Inspartional for me infact! BTW, I think you're close to satisfying your wishes to have one of every long gun fron WWII. lol Take care!

    PONTIACDM G&G Newbie

  20. Looks like you need to buy some more to me !!!! I'm kidding !!!! Very nice !