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Some purty decent shootin over bags(model 27-2)

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Cuzzin Mitch, Apr 8, 2002.

  1. Cuzzin Mitch

    Cuzzin Mitch G&G Newbie

    :target: Hey thar cuzzins,2 groups:First is Federal Prem. Hydroshock 158gr. JHP's,Tha second
    is Winchester 145gr. STHP's both shot @ a measured
    25yds. over sandbags, handheld last Saturday.
    Shootin Iron used was a factory stock S&W model 27-2 circa early 1970's.Both groups measure 1&7/16ths of an inch center to center from the widest 2 shots.I did'nt even hafta adjust tha old sights in between loads(that's NICE!!).
    Point of aim was 6 o'clock,bottom edge of tha bull.
    I figger any dang fool varmint (2 or 4 legged)
    a hankerin ta do me ur mine some evil is gonna be dead meat ifin I kin clear leather quick nuff on em and drop the hammer afore he skedaddles.
    All shots were fired single action and they are both 6 shot groups.
    I coulda done better, but tha dang bags kept a
    shiftin around on me and I had ta keep resetin my posistion.Restin points were tha trigger guard and tha butt
    Next time out, I won't be sa dang lazy, and I'll break out tha old chrony ta see how fast they is clippin along.Both loads felt right stout,even from an N frame.
    Here go cuzzins,first the Federal's then tha Winchesters.Later,yer ol cuzzin Mitch.:cool:
  2. Cuzzin Mitch

    Cuzzin Mitch G&G Newbie

    And here cuzzins is the Winchester group.
    Keep yer powder dry pardners!Yer ol cuzzin Mitch:cool: