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    I have searched every possible way to get a manual, file to see how to clean this gun. I've seen it done right before my eyes but I would love to do it on my on. If any one has any info I can use please let me know. I have the Cetme 308, don't know wut model. i'll post pics later on today.

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    dangel55, welcome to the forum. As you can see, your question has been answered. I'd suggest you download and print out the NATO instruction manual. I've seen it at the gun store and it's reasonably easy to follow.
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    New to the site, I truly thank you!!!! I hope I can take it apart as wwell as put it back together. Let you know something by tomorrow.
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    Easy as all get out just remember to put the rollers in before reassembly.
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    CETME for dummies - Beta Stage

    I found the field stripping and field assembly documents on this site really helpful the first time I took my CETME apart and cleaned it. The chamber was so cruddy I put the barrel muzzle down in a waste basket full of newspapers and sprayed a bunch of BrakeClean in there over a couple of days. The jamming became almost non-existent and continues to improve. Have fun ! !

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    okay after 45min of cleaning (and still needs a little more), stabbing my self with the screwdriver and an 1hr 30min putting it back together(dam ROLLERS)!!! I finally got it back together!!! YEA!!! okay i have to give you guys RESPECT!! I need parts on the front sights my pin if thats correct which is in the center is chipped. (I don't know why) scope is optional, I do have a mount already on it.
  9. Dangel55, WELCOME to the site. Glad to have you aboard. Looks like a few came to the rescue. Hope you found and got what you needed and have done it one your own now.

    My opinion, get use to the irons and get them zeroed in before you put a scope on it. I mean, if the scope fails, you'll need to know how to use the irons right? lol Good luck and happy shooting. Enjoy.
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    My Cetme 308

    Not a good pic but Im still tryn. Couple of question: I don't have a stamp of my serial number on the side but its on the top of the gun, how can I tell wut model I have? On the side of the Mag Well it has Has MADE IN USA CENTURY ARMS INC GEORGIA, VT CETME 308 (7.62mm) can anyone tell me the difference in states of being made?? What type of AMMO is GOOD? I have purchased FEDERAL 308 (Seeing that I work at WALLYWORLD in Sporting Goods) Is it a suitable ammo or would I need to go with NATO?? I've read to stay away from certain kind but would love some input.
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    d55, go into the CETME forums and select from the Display Options at the bottom "Show from the: Last Year" or "Beginning" instead of "Last 100 days" and start reading up on ammo posts and what not.

    The .308 is going to be just fine in your CETME. I shoot the Wolf .308Win in mine and the only issue is it's so darn dirty.
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    thanks J.A.C, i still haven't made it to the range yet. Im able to break it down with some ease BUT! LOL Im having problems removing my Hand Guard is it supposed to snap or pop off?? (I haven't yanked or took a screwdriver to pry it YET) Plus I would love to replace the Triple Frame but I haven't seen anything on the web as to how to. I do see a bolt (Retaining Pin I think) but don't know for sure? My Front Site is done no help for it just need to be replaced. I saw something on line but it looks as if it can slide into the Triple Frame but mines isn't exactly like that. Somebody take me to SCHOOL!!! LOL
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    The handguard comes off very easily. There is a pushpin, just like the two that hold the buttstock on, at the front of the handguard that must be pushed through. At this point, the handguard should just slide right off, front end first, as the rear end fits into the receiver to hold it in.

    As for the triple-frame, I know they can be removed and I believe that's performed by removal of the screws (small flat-head screws on mine) around the sides. I have seen replacement triple-frames online in a few different places. Thing is, if it's just the sight post, that should be able to be removed and replaced on its own without replacing the triple-frame. If it's the frame that's damaged, then yeah, you need to get it replaced.
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    While this video does not decribe the complete breakdown procedure for the CETME, it may be of help for troubles with the bolt.

    [ame=]YouTube - bolt gap and lockup (CETME)[/ame]
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    J.A.C mines has one screw which goes in one side nothing to push to release. I don't want to damage anything by pulling on it but it's loose but will not come off with out some SERIOUS FORCE. My Triple Frame itself is not damage just the Site Post but can't locate just that part only the T.F. Any suggestions???
  16. dangel55... Keep checking back JAC has left, but he'll be back to check this thread and probably help you some more.

    WELCOME to GUN and GAME feller !!!...A.H
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    dangel55 G&G Regular Okay here's a pic of what my Front Sight looks like. "Milled Front Sight" The Sight goes on the inside it doesn't slide in. It does have a screw on the front end which allows it to be removed, but I can't find just the Sight piece.
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    Okay this is a pic of my Triple Frame, the Sight Post does not slide on either of these. It has a screw in the middle and is easily replaceable but can't find a DARN thing online!!! I guess it can be said I have a Milled Sight Post?? Im still trying to get PICS of my Gun on here so please be patient with me.:burnout:
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    Hi everone, I'm a new member to the fourm.
    I have a century built cetme, I bought the rifle @ at a gun show a while back not knowing a whole lot about them ( stupid yes ) but the rifle looked so damed mean, I fell in love with it. here is my problem I took it to the range and shot it, all went well untill the 4th or 5th round either stovepiped or the bolt would slam on an unfrired round. someone told me to clean it real, real, real good and it should be fine. I bought a takedown guide and took it apart, and noticed that I had a ground down bolt. (****) So I take the trigger pack out and useing the takedown guide I start to take down the triggerpack, all looked fine utill the trigger pack was all apart, then the takedown guide pics looked more like the H&K G3. nothing lookes right. now I have a bunch of trigger parts and now way to put it back together. PLEASE HELP ME. Any help at all will be great. thanks in advance..