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:cool: Hey guys, i was relaxing last night at work, peaceful for a change, and I dragged out one of my books to read while I waited for 07:00, my bye-bye time. Came across this ad and thought I might share [that's a good liberal term] it with you and see what others thought. Anyway, it advertises what appears to be a new rifle/varmit round designed by Ruger! It is called : "204Ruger". The ad says the muzzel velocity is 4,225 fps!!
The nominal projectile weight is 30grains and the projectile is a 20 caliber. The ad also mentions some other good calibers. Your thoughts?:D

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Load 8228 in caliber .223 Remington

LoadID 8228
Bullet Calhoon HP Dbl
BulletWeight 30 grs
Powder Ramshot X-Terminator
PowderWeight 29 grs
Primer CCI 400
Brass Make Lake City 97
Barrel Length 24 (inches)
C.O.L 2.078 (inches)
Velocity 4037 fps
Group 0.67 (inches by 3 shot at 100 yds)
Submitted Date 8/19/2003 5:21:00 PM
Submitted By Bill Meyer
Comment Velocity @ 75F 5sht grp .670 @ 100yds.

Energy 1083 ft-lbs
TKO 3.84
OGW 89 lbs
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