Sometimes I hate insurance companies...

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by ghost_raven, Apr 29, 2008.

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    So... in the monthly newsletter we get at our apartment complex, they said that BBQ grills would no longer be allowed due to insurance rules. Quite devastating to me, as I love having friends over for BBQ's. So, I guess it's back to the ol' electric George Foreman grill. With that in mind though, I would assume that electric grills and smokers are fine. Already have the electric grill, which can be used inside, if I must, but I was wondering if any of you all had suggestions on good electric smokers. I might be able to use it outside, but indoor ones would be good to know of also.
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    There you go! After months of frigid weather, it is finally BBQ season for me. If my grill and smoker got taken away, I would be depressed.
  4. Get a propane gas grill , would that work ?
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    There are "stovetop smokers" that look like giant sardine cans! They can be wonderful smokers for two! If you google stovetop smokers you'll see them. They also sell them at REI. I bought one in a store for my oldest daughter, and we did salmon filets with a green tea smoke. It was fabulous!
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    You might want to look into that. Obviously laws differ state to state. But here, when I had my condo, I was told that for fire regulations, grills gas or not were not allowed to be used within 15ft of the structure for safety reasons. So you still might be able to grill, you just have to keep the grill away from the building...but I would look into it and call the fire marshal for the regulations.
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    Do they have any commons or rec area where they might let you fire up away from the buildings?
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    Yeah, there are areas that even have the permanently installed grills... but, I can't smoke stuff on them, and I'm not really up to dragging my smoker down 3 floors and dragging it back up when I'm done with it. Not to mention how long it takes to smoke anything. On my balcony it was nice, because I could smoke a brisket for 6-8 hours while watching TV in the living room and still being able to keep an eye on the smoker.

    Well, my brother has agreed to take care of my smoker for me and give it a good home, allowing me visitation rights... lol. I've had a bad enough experience with a previous apartment complex to appreciate the good things with this complex, and moving is always a pain. I'll just look into getting a good electric smoker.