Son of Robert Kennedy speaks out against Ayers

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    "Professor Ayers has a 47-page resume of academic accomplishments," Barbara Ransby, a professor of history and African-American studies, wrote in an e-mail response to the Tribune. "I am sure his publication and service record far exceeds that of many of our retired colleagues who have been granted emeritus status by the University in the past."

    That's as may be, Professor. But the fact remains that William Ayers IS a known terrorist, with a record of terrorist activities. I not only would not grant him professor emeritus status, I'd do my damnedest to have him arrested and tried for treason!

    As for Obama's association with with Ayers: You are judged by the company you keep. Given that he freely associated with Ayers and Jeremiah Wright, a known anti-American pastor, at the very, very least Obama's judgment must be called questionable, if not just plain faulty.

    Christopher Kennedy did the right thing. His uncle John and his ghostwriter Ted Sorenson would consider what he did worthy of inclusion in a revised edition of Profiles in Courage. What he did was not make the easy call, but instead to do what was right and treat Ayers with the opprobrium and contempt he had earned by his actions. I salute him.

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    **** , we found a good Kennedy!
  5. Wasn't Ayers father the man that shot JFK? Run that commie out of this country!
    I miss Gene McCarthy!
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    Ayers is not just a known terrorist, he's a self admitted one. He makes no excuses; he's on record (and recently, I might add) as actually being proud of what he did and has stated that he doesn't think he did enough. According to witness testimony, the man once advocated the killing of millions of Americans in order to put his socialist policies in place.
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    Hmmmmm,strange it's a Kennedy speaking out,or not?:scratchchin:
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    Some of them do stand up for what's right. Remember, it was JFK who conceived the Civil Rights Act. He didn't have a prayer of getting it passed while he was alive, the times being what they were; but it was his idea. Lyndon Johnson was able to use JFK's assassination as the lever to roll the bill through Congress, "as a tribute to our slain President's memory." Kennedy's even trying to get it into the public eye was an act of courage in the early 1960s. It was the right thing to do.

    Some of the generation that followed Jack the Zipper, Bobby and Red Ted - Christopher, John-John, Joe III - also stand (or stood) up for what's right. Not all of them are useless children of privilege.
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    They used the JFK and MLK assasinations to get gun control in high gear also.:deal: