South Carolina Utility Bans Confederate Flag Displays

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    This kinda of PC junk is getting out of hand...I find it funny that people get up set over the Confederate flag...but I bet workers can display gay/lesbian flags/bumper stickers (The upside down pink triangle..and usaly a rainbow) panter bumper stickers and probly I love Bin Laden stickers, but not the Confederate Flag.....course I thought we had freedom of speach...guess only if its approved by a vast minority... I just dont understand why people are makeing a big deal about this stuff...and why create peoblems/issues. Before someone ask..yes if I seen someone with a NAZI flag flying on their car/truck I'd think they were a jerk..but the jerk has a right to free speach...I find it silly that people get bent out of shape over silly stuff....kinda of Ironic that my avatar is the album cover for a neo nazi rock band ...

    South Carolina Utility Bans Confederate Flag Displays
    Workers Can't Display Flag On Company Property
    Posted: 7:54 a.m. EDT August 16, 2002

    COLUMBIA, S.C. -- There's a new flap in South Carolina over the Confederate flag.

    The state's largest utility is ordering its 5,500 workers not to display the Confederate flag on company property. And they must keep company vehicles away from barbecue restaurants owned by an outspoken flag supporter.

    A Scana Corporation spokeswoman isn't saying if workers who violate the rule will be fired. She says flag displays will be "appropriately addressed."

    The restaurant owner calls the company's order a "cowardly unconstitutional act." And an official with the group Sons of Confederate Veterans says it may sue over what it considers a matter of free speech.

    South Carolina was the last state to fly the Confederate flag from its Capitol dome. It came down two years ago, but it's still flown at a monument on the statehouse grounds.
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    NEVER ENDS DOES IT??? some *****es about something and seems the Constitution is thrown out. i can understand the utility not wanting the flag on their vehicles or seen at the resturant. but whose ultimate decision was it??? several grocery stores have decided not to carry the mans barbique sauce, because of his ideas. but they didn't ban BEN&JERRY'S ice cream did they!!! when does it end??? when everything is P.C. and rainbow colored???

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    When Thurmon retired, the entire state started going down the toilet. Absolutely rediculous!
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    Let me stir up the pot a little. What would be the reaction of the public and the company CEO's if employees flew the union flag on their utility vehicles? Same state, same cities? Just curious.
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    I just say it's part of American history, like it or not. If they want to fly the Confederate flag, let them.
    Then, again, it's it's like a gun laying on a table. The gun always jumps into the wrong person's hand and forces them to commit stupid acts of violence. I guess the Stars and Bars stirs feelings of impending slavery to the wrong people.......
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    the Civil war was fought over more reasons than slavery, like states rights, as in the 10 amendment of the Bill of Rights. the federal gummint didn't like the states to exercise their rights, a tradition that contiues on today!!!:nod: