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Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by Oxford, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Oxford

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    This weekend was our local "Gladfest Festival" here in Gladstone, MO. My rotary club will sell 2,000 turkey legs, as we do every year...for $6.00 each. I spent this morning from 9 till 2pm and will work again tomorrow for another four hours on my shift.

    Here's a few pics I took today of this event. Our Rotary Club will clear over $4,000 from this weekend's efforts which all goes to scholarships. I have worked this fall festival event since 1990, when I first joined Rotary.

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  2. 99z28monster

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    those legs sure look good. Any tips on how to cook legs?

  3. Oxford

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    Cooking details....first, they're bought frozen and already precooked when we buy them by the box of about 25 lbs. We thaw them, dump a box (around 20 legs) on the wood burning large grill and let'em start heating up.

    Next we use a pyrometer device to make sure each leg is at least 150 degrees F.

    Next we move them to a 2nd holding gas smoker with less heat till the concession booth calls for more legs.

    Our workers have to wear hightop heavy heat resistant gloves...and they still get burned occasionally. Of course, smoke gets in our eyes and nose which take a week or so to clear it seems.
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    Its always good to participate in events like this. We have benefits at the fire department for people. Most of the time it is family's that have fallen on hard times or people with illnesses such as cancer. We cook chicken tenders instead of turkey. I help with the breading of the chicken, makes me feel good to do my part in helping people.