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  1. A Priest was called away on an emergency. Not wanting to leave his confessional unattended, he called on his Rabbi friend from across the street to help cover for him. The Rabbi explained he didn't think he would know what to say so the Priest invited him over and stay with him a bit to show him what to do. The Rabbi agreed and joined the Priest in the confessional.

    A few minutes later a woman comes in and says, "Father, forgive me for I have sinned."

    The Priest asks, "What did you do my daughter?" The woman replied, "I committed adultery."

    The Priest asked, "How many times?" and she replied, "Three times."

    The Priest said, "Say two Hail Mary's, put $5 in the box and go forth and sin no more."

    A few moments later a man enters the confessional and remarks, "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned."

    The Priest said, "Son, what sin did you commit?"

    The man replied, "Adultery."

    The Priest asked, "How many times?" and the man replied, "Three times, Father."

    The Priest said, "Say two Hail Mary's, put $5 in the box and go and sin no more."

    The Rabbi told the Priest he thinks he understood what to do and what to say so the Priest leaves him.

    Shortly, another woman entered the confessional and said, "Forgive me Father for I have greatly sinned." The Rabbi asked, "What did you do?" to which the woman said, "I committed adultery."

    The Rabbi asked how many times and the woman said, "Once."

    The Rabbi stated, "Go do it two more times. We have a special this week....three for $5."
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    Priest and Rabbi

    I wonder if this was the two guys??
    Priest and Rabbi are on a jet plane and have to sit beside one and other.Both are very pious, and firm believers in there own faiths, therefore point out why theirs is the true religion, and commence to try and convert the other.
    This is a particularly bad flight with a lot of turbulence.Several times the plane shudders and shakes and fear abounds. Each tells the other that he should convert before it's too late, as it seems quite likely that a crash is inevitable.
    Then the plane hits a real bad spot, shuddering going on its side shaking diving, etc. Eventually it levels off, and all seeems normal, But as the priest looks over he sees the rabbi make the sign of the cross.
    "Ahah, so when in a pinch you saw the light and came to the real religion" says the priest. "Vat do you mean, I have not converted" the rabbi says. " Yes I saw with my own eyes that you made the catholic sign sign of the cross" Rabb replys "sign of the cross? I was just checking" "Checking, Checking what?" the priest asks.
    Rabbi deliberately makes the sign again slowing what he was checking."Testicles, spectacles,Vallet, and vatch! It's all there"