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  1. Para Cassatt

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    Has anyone tried any? I just picked up some 158 gr. SWC HP 38's. They were the only bulk box bullets available through our distributor. They are swaged and I was wondering how fast they may be pushed before leading is a problem.
  2. stinkybriches

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    i have no experiance with the .38 or speers swagged bullets. they seem to have some sort of proprietary lube covering the whole bullet.
    without any ep with them id say that if you kept it under 1000 you should be fine.

  3. Para Cassatt

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    It looks like Lee Alox lube to me. I will probably only use them in my Official Police and save my Oregon trails for the 357.
  4. jerry

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    I have a batch of them but haven't tried them yet. I plan on keeping below 1000 fps probably around 750-800 should be fine.
  5. samuel

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  6. I've been using the Speer 158gr SWC-HP's for twenty years. I started out with the regular Speer SWC's but soon switched. Both shoot good in every 357mag(10.0gr's AA#7) I've tried them in. Midsouth SPEER BULLETS 38 CAL .358 DIA. 158 GR SEMI-WAD CUTTER HP 500 CT

    The Hornady's seem to work well too. Midsouth HORNADY AMMUNITION AND RELOADING 38 CAL .358 DIA 158GR SEMI WAD CUTTER HOLLOW POINT LEAD PISTOL 300 PK
    38 special & 357 Magnum Loads - Handloaders Bench.Com load data - Metallic cartridge reloading - The Handloaders Bench
  7. Para Cassatt

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    Thanks for the info and links guys.

  8. gandog56

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    How fast you can push them depends on too many variables. What make of gun, what type of rifling, which powder. None of which you provided us.
  9. Para Cassatt

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    Well Ganny, I wasn't thinking that far ahead. They'll be shot from a Colt OP 38 spl. 4" and a S&W 28-2 4" HP 357 mag. I was hoping for powder suggestions but have on hand UNQ, 4756,7625, 231/HP 38,HS-6,Titegroup,PowerPistol,Univ.Clays, RedDot and Bullseye. I'm not sure if I should use Blue Dot,AC#9 or 2400 at lower speeds but I haven't had a chance to look at any data yet. Rifling is Ballard style I guess.Hope this helps.
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  10. gandog56

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    Nope, I would not use the last three you listed for low velocity lead loads. I've used Unique, Win231, and HP38. Win231 and HP38 is a lot cleaner load (Seeing as they are almost...if not exactly...the same powder.), but Unique is used in more of my other pistol calibers.
    Now second question, are these bullets lubed in any way? If they are straight lead with no lube I would consider using Alox. I would probably start using the lesser loads and work my way up to see how bad the leading gets.
  11. Para Cassatt

    Para Cassatt G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    The lube used isn't specified but is stated to be a hard multi layered lube.
  12. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist

    Then have at, but I still prefer my 148 grain DEWC's.
  13. res45

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    I used to shoot lots of those bullet years ago before I started casting my own,I still have a few hundred in the box. I've shot them up to 1100 fps with no leading problems but in general I usually shoot them below 1000 fps.

    Speer reloading manual has all the load data you need for the Lead bullets,you can call there customer service line and they will give you the data also.

    Hodgdon reloading data sections has data for the 38 & 357 light loads just select the 158 gr. LSWC data. Alliant Powder has the date for there powders use the same 158 gr. LSWC data.
  14. I don't think you can go wrong with that load I mentioned. I think Billy uses the same load. He might have pics.
  15. Para Cassatt

    Para Cassatt G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    AA#5 & 7 have been on my list but some rifle powder usually gets bumped to the front with my last couple orders.I need some more AA#9 so will probably give Ellett Bros. a call today to see if the AA's are in stock.
  16. I have been using Red Dot for 38 Special loads using 158 gr. cast bullets. I use very moderate charges and maybe am getting about 850 fps. How much power does a guy need for paper targets at 25 yds? The loads are very accurate.

    I only use Red Dot because I have a lot of it left over from past times doing shotshell loading. It may not be the best choice, but it does fine.

    Red Dot and some of the other powders you name have to be watched very carefully, because you can double charge and blow up your gun. Before seating any bullets, I use a penlight flashlight and carefully inspect my charged cases.
  17. Red Dot is another one of my "go to" powders. It isn't the cleanest powder around, but it doesn't really bother me. I'm used to Unique.
  18. jerry

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    No problem Sam, heck, I don't even mind getting picked on anyway.