Spike in Corona Virus Cases

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by MrGrudgemyer, Jul 13, 2020.

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    It would be interesting to see a chart which compared the spiking cases to increase in testing.:rolleyes:
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    New York
    We need the Israeli and the Finnish covid breathalyzers to get online yesterday and be mass-distributed, and made at a price businesses can afford to buy them and use them. That would let us open back up, even if we have to retain the masks until we get the vaccine into production so we can vaccinate everyone.
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    It isn't helping that the vapid young people are getting together and partying again, not to mention herding together in these "protests".
    Easy to see why the number of cases is skyrocketing. The young idiots gather, get the crud, bring it home to their older family members. We'll see an increase in serious hospitalizations and deaths.
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    Maryland tracks all of that. All sorts of stats and we even differentiate between positve covid deaths and "suspected covid deaths". All down to each county.

    you can see how we do it here. start scrolling and you can see all sorts of charts and graphs including what you asked for.

    Currently testing is waaaaaay up espeically after July 4 weekend and positive cases are trending down and hovering around 4.5X% and have reached a so far stabled plateau. If you click on each red dots on the chart you can see the positive test numbers for each day.

    However MD seems to be having a recent spike that is only just now coming about in the past few days now that its been about a week and a half since July 4th weekend.

    Lots of businesses like bars and restaurants are all having employees test positive and have been told or have taken it upon themselves to close back down until further despite our state being in the middle of opening back up...

    In the past week my shift alone has had about a third (and it keeps going up by the day) of the cops on it get fevers and all the other symptoms and they are all out pending Covid test results...

    the local hospitals have stopped the rapid testing for everyone except people getting admitted or going into have a procedure done and are back to hoarding/saving them because over the past post holiday week, so many people have come in to get tested many of them from the service industry employees who had the most contacts with people. There is a back log now for all the non rapid test kits and its taking a week plus to get results back...

    and all these cops out sick possibly with covid cant come back to work until they get their results back so.... its becoming a manpower issue for us. Ive already had to come in on my days off to make up for the shortage (after already having my days off canceled due to the BLM BS of the past few weeks)... so getting tired. We are going from a shortage of people from BLM people causing havoc to now a shortage that is rapidly becoming a big problem due to Corona virus...

    and just to be clear this isnt a "blue flu" type of thing with people calling out, its people waking up with 101 degree fevers, feeling like crap and the flu like symptoms and all that stuff.

    So while MD seems to have been on its way to re-opening, 4th of July weekend with everyone going out to travel, party and congregate in bars, and whatever may have been a kick to the nuts for the recovery but we shall see.
  6. TXplt

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    Or we could simply open back up at the individuals and businesses discretion. Not that hard.
  7. Rave

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    Plus 1,000 wait until school opens! :eek:
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  8. Cyrano

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    New York
    We are pressuring Junior's school to remain virtual in the fall. The problem is, Il Duce Cuomo is being pressured by the NYC sheeple to reopen the schools (I think there are a ton of sheeple parents who are tired of playing teacher who want to get back to work), and Donnie Boy is being pressured to open up the economy, and the Republicans want to stop paying people unemployment, and the Democrats want a covid disaster to use against Trump in November. All of this militates towards doing away with distance learning.

    His school has an average of 12 kids per class so social distancing is possible, and I dare say the dining hall could work out some kind of gobble 'n git policy with fixed feeding times for the classes for lunch (they already have something of the sort in place for the residential kids). Lord knows how they would handle busing. Even with one kid per seat as is usual on his bus, they would have to use alternate rows, get a bigger bus for the route, or face a scheduling nightmare. Even with masks, even though part of each day's lessons are held outside or in well ventilated barns, there is still the fact the trips to and from as well as the classrooms have recirculated air. Masks will have to be worn, and I think we'll need to get him about a dozen masks and have him change them at noon. The soggy, smelly Hawkeye Pierce Classic masks drive me mad after a couple of hours. Doesn't matter how often you wash them, or in what, after a couple of hours breathing through those things you want to rip them off your face and breathe fresh air uncontaminated by your own germs. I may send him to school with a bottle of mouthwash to try and reduce the irritation.

    I hope the school and Il Duce see reason and continue distance learning.
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    Yes it would...and you notice you NEVER see those?
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    A real freaking mess for sure!! First this mess and increased violence and crime in many areas. Now defunding police departments from leftist aholes.
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  11. Fishhead

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    Every new "case" that recovers is a vaccination. Even if immunity isn't forever, survivors know their immune system is operating as advertised and can beat this thing.
  12. Rave

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    Sounds good,there is some hope that we can beat this soon,then get the chinks! :usa2::mad:
  13. Huey Rider

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    So if i get tested three times and each time I test positive am I recorded as one case or three?
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    If you keep getting tested after a positive, you get counted as hypochondriac. :D
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    Tests only tell if you've had it.
    You've had it, so there's no point in further tests.
    The only ones being re-infected are those with HIV/AIDS.
    If they survive it the first time, 2nd usually does 'em in.
    Having a compromised immune system is not
    conductive to living a long life now.

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    Keep your vaccines , I'm not taking it!
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    Makes' sense,and Star pistols are good! :usa2:
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    Oklahoma never really had a mandatory lockdown, but opened back up for the voluntary closures starting on April 24th. The voluntary suggested mandate (not really) but it allowed most people to just stay off work and draw unemployment which was a joke because it just put 400,00 people on paid vacation. The statistics are much worse now that before.

    Regardless of the testing we had 2-3 dying per day for the first 3 months of the pandemic now we are having 6-7 dying per day, which is a lot for a small state. These stats are running 3-4 week late we now know, so things are trending much worse than before. At first, our death rate was in the 5% range now it is only about 2%, but that is meaningless really because the actual death rate is what matters.

    We also are having issues where we will run out of ICU beds in the state any day now. The large VA Medical Center in Oklahoma City has cancelled all regular appointments, I had an annual dental and eye exam net week and they cancelled them both and did not even reset for later. They have converted the entire 5th floor of the medical center for a possible Covid over run in the state hospitals. So, they must anticipate a much bigger problem than the only 6-7 dying per day. Time will tell. Nobody local wears masks and out infection rates have gone up from maybe 70 to 300 in a couple weeks, so the spread is out of control. We really have no idea if masks work because our mayor is opposed to them and nobody wears them but a few of us older folks. As I said only time will tell.
  19. rando

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    Nope not me either. Not for this virus if they find one and no others either.
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    I think there is a lot of Fudging on the stats of people infected. I wrote a few days ago about my sister and Brother in law. My brother in law has a government job and has to work i close proximity with others and the public coming off of the street. He start to feel like he had some sinus infection and not feeling up to par. He goes to doctor and they give him the Covid 19 test. They send him home and sais it will take about 3-4 days to get results. So they call him early the next morning and say he is positive. Well how is it they did the test that quick? He even asks that. He said that he just feels like he has a bad cold. Then my sister feels a little stuffy and since in the same house calls her doctor. Her doctor does that nonsense virtual online doctor visit . So her doctor says yeah well I am sure you have probably have it too since you live together?????? Then her doctor says well I will report you as positive. No effing test. I am thinking this BS is happening a lot. These doctors are getting paid by the government for this Covid stuff. So could they be lying about results to just write a nice bill to the government?
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