Spilled oil in the Gulf isn't gone, despite what Obama thinks

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    I've been skeptical of the yankee gummint allegations that the oil spill was completely dispersed, sucked up, or eaten by bacteria ever since the Obamination started braying them; and not because it's a jackass doing the braying. At the Zoo, we had to study the Torrey Canyon disaster, and we had experience of oil spill effects much closer to home when the Argo Merchant grounded, broke up and sank within fifty miles of Bedlam-by-the-Bay. Refined oil products like the home heating oil the Argo Merchant was carrying are a PITA to clean up because they blend with the seawater to form the equivalent of a poison-gas cloud in the ocean, and crude oil is worse.

    In the Torrey Canyon disaster, the authorities tried to disperse the crude by spraying it with detergents to sink it. The late Jacques Cousteau, who from his Navy experience and his experience as an oceanographer knew something about the behavior of oil in water, commented caustically at the time that what the governments involved were doing wasn't overly smart - "Instead of scraping it up off the beaches, where it will kill the sea life which lives on and near the shore, these idiots are going to sink the oil spill and kill everything from the surface to the bottom."

    Things haven't gotten a lot better in the 40-plus years since Torrey Canyon. Yes, we now have oil-sucker vessels, floating booms, dispersants that are marginally better than the detergents used in the English Channel back then, and we now understand a little about bacteria which eat oil. But the Deepwater Horizon well spill was equivalent to eight or ten Exxon Valdezes - and the Valdez made the Torrey Canyon spill look small. More than a decade later, the Alaska fisheries are still dead everywhere that oil came ashore. Which brings me to the news report on what is really happening with the spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico, no matter what the Doofus-in-Chief thinks:

    The Gulf oil spill isn't gone -- it's just hiding on the vast sea floor, according to a study currently under way.

    "We're finding it everywhere that we've looked," Professor. Samantha Joye of the University of Georgia told ABC News. "The oil is not gone. It's in places where nobody has looked for it."

    Joye's team took 13 sediment core samples from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and found oil in all of them.

    Last month, President Obama hailed a federal-government report that found roughly three-quarters of the oil had either been cleaned up or dispersed by treatments.

    Joye's findings directly contradict the report.

    Read more: Gulf oil remaining on seafloor, despite claims of cleanup, researcher says - NYPOST.com
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    Why does this not surprise me ?? Why isn't our govt acting on the tests done by the Univ of GA ??

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    Of course.

    I wasn't aware that ANYONE was saying the oil was cleaned up. That notion is LUDICROUS. As Cyrano stated, we are still reeling from the Valdez, which was a fraction of the size.

    It will be many decades before the Gulf of Mexico can put this spill behind them.
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    Because the Obamination, being a Great Man and a Golden Boy, has said that the spill has been sucked up, dispersed and dealt with. And Great Men and Golden Boys cannot possibly be wrong, can they?

    Remember, the jackass (or should that be "jack-off?") owned responsibility for chasing the drillers out into the Gulf where they have to go through a mile of water just to reach the bottom and start drilling. That decision turned around, bit him in the ***, and showed him as the incompetent fool he truly is. For almost four months, every time the jerkwad turned on the news, there was yet another report about the oil spill, its causes, its extent, the screw-uppery of the Obama administration is dealing with it, the failed attempts to stop the leak, the warnings about what might happen if the bottom kill wasn't done just right, how long it would take to drill a relief well, the oil that continued to leak from under the hat on the well head, the blowout preventer that failed, the administration's refusal to waive provisions of the Jones Act and let the foreign-flagged skimmer ships in to suck up surface oil, the corners that were cut, etc. etc. etc. Every day, more Americans were forcibly reminded that they had elected an idiot who just looked good to the world and talked good to the People (provided he had a TelePrompTer to feed him his lines).

    No president likes that kind of press at any time. In an election year with the American people holding Tea Parties and hollering "Vote the bastards out!"; verbally abusing incumbents; cursing out the Democratic party for the insanities they have voted into law; cursing out the Doofus-in-Chief for his inability to secure the border and then suing a state government for trying to do the job - or as the People see it, trying to do the job that he won't; with foreclosures at a record high because the administration won't help the little people but will cheerfully bail out Big Business and Wall Street; with the so-called stimulus package having utterly failed to create new jobs while unemployment is officially hovering at just under 10% but in reality is more like 20%, an incumbent president whose party totally controls Congress likes it a hundred times less.

    The Obamination took some of the responsibility for this oil spill. People aren't asking "Why did BP build a production platform that was unsafe, where they had to drill in waters more than a mile deep, which hasn't been done before?" No. People are asking, "Why did that halfwit in the White House order BP out of the shallow coastal waters to conduct drilling operations in waters more than a mile deep, using technology unproven at that depth?"

    Obama owned responsibility for this ecological disaster. His party, and ultimately it is to be hoped, he himself, will pay for that at the ballot box come Election Day.

    THAT'S why the yankee gummint isn't acting on the University of Georgia report, Steve.
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    Thank you, God, for showing the charlatans for what they are. "You will know them by their fruits."

    I'm still very afraid that these OBVIOUS failings won't be enough to turn our country around for the better. At best we will go back to the Bush era, which was better than the Clinton era, when we need another Reagan era, or something even more conservative and ballsy.
  6. What we need is a Ron Paul era.
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    Or a Harry Truman era. He was a very good President in difficult times. Of course, with the stands he took, if Truman were in office today they'd call him a moderate Republican!
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    wasnt it truman that wouldnt let patton use nukes on china in the i believe it was the korean war?
    or am i totaly off here.
  9. Huey Rider

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    It was McArther who wanted to use nukes against the Chinese during the Korean War. And yes Truman nixed the idea.
  10. Correct

    As a former resident of New Orleans I am sickened by every aspect of the Gulf disaster.

    Dispersants are a cosmetic effort for the media and the tourists. The volume of oil remains.

    I am also appalled by the fact that the government and the media seem to overlook the other critical problem - there are still massive methane deposits in the Gulf geology. This situation can reoccur. Also, continuing to drill increases the likelihood of a methane release alongside the drill stem.

    Overall, this is a disaster than continues.