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sporterized lee enfield

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by boba_0000000, May 20, 2010.

  1. boba_0000000

    boba_0000000 G&G Newbie

    Hello. yesterday at the gun shop i saw a sporterized lee enfield rifle (I know its horrible) but what was interesting was that it had a magazine cut off and some weird sight on the left side of it (which im guessing are volley sights. it was marked ShtLE 1906. can anyone tell me more about this?

  2. frenchy

    frenchy G&G Enthusiast Forum Contributor

    boba---i'm sure some one will be able to help, sorry i can't
  3. Sprout47

    Sprout47 G&G Newbie

    It's a No1 MkIII -
  4. killsnapz

    killsnapz G&G Enthusiast

    It is so sad every time we lose a rare mil-surp to Bubba. He must be stopped in our lifetime!

  5. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder G&G Newbie

    Many of these sporter jobs were done 50-60 years ago when these rifles cost $10. It was an affordable way for a working man to have a deer rifle.
    Many were well done and have held their value very well.
  6. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist

    **** that Bubba must be a busy guy!:thumbsdown:
  7. pathdoc

    pathdoc G&G Newbie

    Yes, it's one of the original Short Lee-Enfields before the trimmings came off during WW1. The weird sight is indeed a volley sight, and there ought to be a flip-up aperture on the left rear of the receiver to match the dial.

    If you could get a new set of wood for that (and possibly a new nosepiece), you might be able to restore it to its former glory.

    I must admit to having sporterized my 1943 Lithgow SMLE, but that's because the forestock is irrevocably cracked and I wanted to get it back and shooting again. As soon as I've got the time and can locate a wooden stock for it, I will restore it back to how it was.
  8. Invalidsession

    Invalidsession G&G Newbie

    "Bubba" got busy on my N04 MK1 some years ago but thankfully stopped shy of chopping the barrel down and just modified the fore end timber. The way I figure it is this, it's just another chapter in the life of this fine old girl. I will never know where she went or who (if anyone) was at the recieving end of a british bullet fired by a likely petrified soldier in the heat of battle I'm just thankful that she came back in one piece and now has a new grateful owner who appreciates the care and consideration that went into both the making and modification of this beautiful old war horse.

  9. boba_0000000

    boba_0000000 G&G Newbie

    any idea where i could get a new stock for this rifle, so i can try to restore it if i buy it?
  10. Invalidsession

    Invalidsession G&G Newbie

    Buying and installing a new stock is like re-thatching an old cottage; It's never going to be original ! You are just recreating a facsimile of what it used to be when it left the factory and being self delusional. !! Enjoy it's path through life for what it is, if you want original buy a cosmoline wrapped time warp that you will be afeared to shoot lest you lose originality and forever lose the "crack and thunder" that these old rifles provided by way of some remarkably accurate shooting and beautifully sorted sorted trigger mechanisims. Some very clever people set up these weapons in order that many of the recipients of said guns might come back home.

    Just my 2 c

  11. gamehunter

    gamehunter G&G Evangelist

    Not all Enfields were bastardised by people with hacksaws back in the days parker hale sporterised alot of the surplus .303 rifles and I just got one of them rifles today with a No4 Mk1 longbranch action I am currently in the process of getting all the copper fouling out of the barrel
  12. frenchy

    frenchy G&G Enthusiast Forum Contributor

    Looking foward to seeing it gamehunter! Maybe some pics?
  13. gamehunter

    gamehunter G&G Evangelist

    No worries Frenchy how could I refuse some obligatory pics. The rifle was from a deceased estate so it is not all that flash at the moment as it is primarily a hunting rifle but will be looking into refinishing the stock at some stage. I have spent a good five hours so far cleaning the bore geting copper fouling out of it and resorted to some JB bore paste then gave up and went and got some boretech eliminator and I am still getting copper out of it I am sure that rifle never saw any form of cleaning in its lifetime. Teh scope base is an ATI branded base and fits where the rear aperture site normally sits and locks into the stripper clip slot and it got a new recoil pad as the plastic buttplate was cracked and I can't stand the idea of solid butt on shoulder as these old Parker Hales boot like a mule

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  14. frenchy

    frenchy G&G Enthusiast Forum Contributor

    Oh yeah gamehunter that was done with care, I'll bet that will be a beautiful sporter when your done!
  15. gamehunter

    gamehunter G&G Evangelist

    I got the bore as good as it can get where I could actually see the surface of the rifling and I counted four or five small pits in the barrel. Fingers crossed if I can get the money together I know where there is a brand new barrel for this still in grease and paper would love to get a brand new barrel for it if I am to restore it even though it will see bush and will see fair use from hunting have always wanted to see what a 303 with an unused barrel would do.
  16. group17

    group17 G&G Newbie

    The nice thing about enfield sporters is you can find them for a lot less money than the military surplus. I found my parker hale for only $150. The barrel looked like it was rarely if ever shot. Mine also has the ATI mount which has been perfect. Best of luck on your project! They are great for hunting.
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