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  1. I don't know if I can do this or not but I got a $10 off your next order of $99 or more that expires May 31, 2008. Anybody want it? If you want it PM me and I'll either mail it to you or PM you the code for an Internet sale.
    No charge - just will not use it.
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  2. SwedeSteve

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    I can't use it, but thank you for your thoughtfulness!

  3. Mooseman684

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    I quit dealing with Sportsmans Guide since they only ship UPS and wil not mail me stuff by USPS...Too darn costly for UPS here as it has to be brought out by a private contractor.
  4. For me their shipping cost is less than other places especially when I use a coupon!
  5. SwedeSteve

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    I'm sure someone will take it.
  6. just_a_car

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    It's a generic code. If you look online for "Sportsman's Guide Coupon", you'll find sites that list them and how much you get for what... even how many people have had them work or not work and when they expire.

    It's a generous offer, but certainly not necessary, as it's not really a secret.
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    Party pooper.
  8. lol! yeah, what a kill-joy!:spank:
    if anyone's interested, i was buying some stuff from them the other day and found that if i accepted there offer for a club membership, i got free shipping on my order along with 10% off the regular order and 5% off the ammo. i got 600 rounds of bulgarian for $99 and saved $25 or more on the shipping. also got two $10 certificates for the next order and %10 off anything that's not on clearence for the next year. sounds like a hell've a deal to me. i just wish i upped the ammo to 1200 rounds while i was at it.:34:
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  9. marion57

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    question is how much was membership?
  10. $29.99 a year. I've already paid for mine in 2 orders!
  11. All you need is the code off the coupon if anyone wanted to use it anyhow. And usually, any time you order, you get another coupon. Then when you get your package/s, there's at least one more in there also.
  12. jmp8927

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    ^Yup. They're real good like that. Gets people to order from them again.
  13. killer

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    I only live 14 miles away from them. I'm in the showroom every two weeks looking for deals and they have them. I actually toured the warehouse one time due to a position I had working for the Postal Service at the time. We shipped their catalogs for them.
    They had to have a janitor follow me around and mop the drool up on the floor. I quizzed one of their managers about where they get some of the stuff and he said they have individuals traveling all over the world that call them saying, "Wire me $50,000.00 dollars I located such and such in a warehouse."
    I remember standing in front of one particular area which had crates of loaded factory Remington .375 in 20 round boxes. "My God...who buys these?
    "Oh elk hunters and others."
    My cabin partner was in there once and had been eyeing up some military mountain climbing line. The price was $150.00 for 100'. One day he noticed the tag was gone and took it up to the girl at the front counter, "How much for the rope." She made a call to the back counter and said, "$4.00"
    He raise's his voice, "4.00 for rope!" and she responds "Ok, Ok...$2.00"
    We're not getting deals like that today but I do almost feel like I'm stealing sometimes from them.
  14. SwedeSteve

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    Sounds like they are a good outfit.
  15. Swede, I've never had any real problem with them. Sometimes they're out of what I want or need or would like, that happens. I did have a situation where I wanted to buy/order a pellet gun and because of Illinois laws, considering it a "firearm because it shot 700fps or faster and or because the projectile is/was .18 or larger and they didn;t want to deal with the paperwork. I only had the problem because these are NRA members I'm sure and sponsors or the American rifleman TV show. I figured they'd want to make sure anyone and their brother that wanted any gun they'd do what they could to get it to them. After all, it was only a pellet gun...

    That was the only so called bad thing I've ever had with them.

    An example of how they stand by what they sell, I has a laser bore sighter for like 4 years. I'd realized it wasn't centered and no adjustment would or could get it centered.As long as I had the receipt, they took it back, after 4 years. They'll pretty much do that for any product or member...

    So if I had to pick a number from a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, I'd give them a 9.5. Can't give a perfect 10 because nothing and no one is ever perfect. lol But I highly recommend them.

    As for Moose's reason, I can completely relate and understand. If it's too expensive it's too expensive. But them also, certain things CAN NOT be shipped via the U.S. Post office from what I understand. Ammunition,powder or primers for example. I thought I read that from Midway USA's website? Could be wrong but I still understand his reason/s...
  16. I know all this. Just thought I'd try to help someone save a little $$ or find a new supplier.
    As for the coupon, it has become shredder fodder.
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    It was a nice gesture LHS!
  18. jmp8927

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    If I had money to order something in the first place, I would have taken you up on it lol. Its just hard for me to get past that money part right now.
  19. Mooseman684

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    I need a Favor....would you see if they have more of that climbing rope ???
    I need 300 to 500 ft. of it....
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    Watch out! He's trying to escape! Call the cops!